Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Wallowing in nostalgia is a privilege of getting older, but is it really nostalgia if it happened before you were born? Probably.

Here is link to a blog with a post about the Spirit of Progress train. As well as the train being absolutely gorgeous, the details and the short embedded video are interesting.

The blog itself, I Wear a Hat is in itself is quite a find and I shall subscribe.

And just when too much nostalgia is not enough, Ann O'dyne recently pointed me in the direction of this blog, a gay guy in Murrumbeena who posts lots of scans from old homemaker magazines. Great photos and a good laugh, if slightly in horror.


  1. "Absolutely gorgeous" ??

  2. I shall never starch my bloomers again after seeing Elizabeth's effort!

  3. that's a sexy, sleek train.
    Nostalgia rocks *dabs misty eyes*

  4. Thanks for your comments Andrew. I've got some updates coming to the site in the next two weeks as i recently picked up another Gowings book and a 1972 RM Williams catalogue which is outside of the years i've been focusing on...but is really quite interesting :)

  5. Had to comment on the linoleum floor bedroom!

  6. It is gay talk Andy. I wouldn't expect you to understand.

    Would make for an itchy posterior Jayne.

    Isn't it Fenz. Sleek is a great word.

    I look forward to seeing more Miroslav.

    Seems to have not come through yet Rob.

  7. "...is it really nostalgia if it happened before you were born?"

    No, that's history.

  8. Both blogs, unreal! love them!

  9. I guess, really, there's something very sensible about a linoleum bedhead and bedroom floor - easy to clean...

  10. Brain, so what is nostalgia?

    Kewl Cazzie. I only give good blogs a run.

    Hi Scott, I just read Rob's comment and that thought occurred to me too. ;-)