Friday, June 05, 2009

Music of my Yoof #31

Back here I posted a clip of the seventies group Supernaut performing I Like it Both Ways. The lyrics were pretty out there for the time. I think they had another track called Lick my Lolly. I can only vaguely remember it.

I recently heard that they were quite respected as musicians. I wouldn't know.

Here is another track of theirs, quite a popular one at the time. The lead singer, Gary Twinn, is just so so hot. Too hot to touch, which happens to be the name of the track.


  1. They sound remarkably like Mud.

  2. Yup, used to roller skate to their vinyl..and to Kiss and a few others...Dr Hook...Daryl Cotton (haha), Skyhooks and Status Quo oh and Queen.

  3. Used to play them quite often ( requests were frantic) on air lol.

  4. Wow, Gary Twinn could possibly be the sexiest un-sexy man ever. Sorry Andrew, I know you think he's a bit spesh but he just doesn't send my panties all-a-flutter, fabulous on-stage presence though.

  5. It is interesting that I know little if anything about the music and artists that you and people like Muzbot and Mutant refer to from your younger days.

    Even in my early teens my taste in music went straight to classical and musicals. The former being the influence of my father and the latter doubtless the early innocent expression of my sexuality.

    That's not to say that I was unaware of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones etc but somehow I just skipped straight from children's records about runaway trains to classical/musical records and then (when they came along) cassettes.

  6. Anonymous3:18 pm

    His voice reminded me of The Sweet! Vik.

  7. A group Brian? I can only guess if try to search for Mud.

    Gosh Cazzie, you must have been so tiny if you skated to their music. About five I think.

    A few old queens like myself Jayne.

    Mutant, I did back then, he still does if for me. It was not really sexual, just a school girl like thing.

    Victor, late twenties and early thirties I had a good stab at musicals and classical music. I learnt a bit. Now I just don't like music.

    The Sweet Vik!!!. I remember an album cover and I fell in love with the lead singer.

  8. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Yeah, I loved The Sweet! Used to bop along to them a lot. Vik.

  9. Yup, I was in size 11 white roller skates, with red wheels, I had to fit them with rolled up newspaper so they would fit my little feet snugly. Haha