Monday, June 29, 2009

Il Returne and a discovery

I have returned from Sin City where I indulged in very few sins, the principle one being too much alcohol. I should start on holiday posts. You are begging me to start aren't you? No? Don't worry, you will suffer them. I seem to have lost my blogging stroke. Holiday posts will begin in Bendigo where Sister is living. The overnight visit was a little hard because of personal relationship difficulties, but it is hard to be angry around the gorgeous Little Jo.

Vik, as well as learning Japanese, you know Italian. How is my subject heading? Have I mixed French with Italian, exclude the English?

But before the holiday posts, this evening I discovered that my new razor's trimmer can be very useful. I suppose my old razor would have done the same, but instead of shaving down under, which leaves you smooth for one day before you become prickly, you can use a trimmer to keep the bush under control.

Both shaving your bits and waxing your rear is hard work and very time consuming. The razor's trimmer thins it all down and there won't be any rash. While I will miss the ultra smooth feel for a bit, the razor trimmer that works like clippers is much more practical.

I read, I think on a blog, about a woman who waxed herself smooth. Her bloke did not like and questioned whether she thought he was a pedo. I can see the point he was making, but still, it does feel very nice to be ultra smooth.

And a shaved set of knackers does look bigger when denuded of hair, not that that is a problem I have. Big brings unrealistic expectations, so perhaps in some ways it is a problem.

So have I shocked anyone into the knowledge that I am back?

Ah, such self aggrandisement.


  1. Only a razor trimmer?
    That scotches the rumour you'd need a ride on mower to get round the bits.

  2. Me Jahteh? Smooth as am I. Not much hair. There goes your fantasy of hairy guy doing you.

  3. i need a good trimmer at the moment, i've been terribly lazy! Then again, it's not like anyone gets to witness the forest!

  4. Fenz, I see wax strips happening. Send me pics.

  5. Thanks for sharing your shaving/trimming adventures.

  6. OMG he's been to Sydney alright.

    welcome back CF

  7. Mmmm, love big knackers.

  8. Right, so your back then I take it? Nice to see you and your naked nutsack back on deck, will take any and all details you care to offer.

    Much appreciated.

  9. Anonymous11:06 am

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the pics.
    Your Italian needs some work, I'm afraid. If you want to say 'the return' then it's 'Il ritorno'. Or you can say 'Il mio ritorno' (my return). Vik.

  10. So...Nad's Wax doesn't get a turn around your Garden of Glory?

  11. hah i'm too impatient to wax... i prefer that cream stuff that removals things! Paint stripper i think it's called. Pics in the mail ;)

  12. Just what you needed to know Dina.

    I can blame Sydney then Ann?

    I like any Victor.

    Not quite naked Mutant, just nicely trimmed up.

    Hiya Vik. Yes, back. Ta for Italian lesson #5.

    Used to Jayne. Too much hard work.

    I have tried it chemical hair removal Fenz. It took a layer of skin off too.

  13. Welcome back.

    I still make do with the old Mach 3 for shaving the face.

    I used to stray below the belt sometimes. Hmm, perhaps it's time for at least a good trim down there...

  14. Thanks Ben. Mach 3 I need to Google.

    Best to keep trimmed. Never know when something might come along.