Sunday, June 07, 2009

Grumble grumble

What me? Me whinge? Nah.

Niece supposed to arrive 10am but did not show. 11am, we called her but went to voice mail. Left a message. Called Sis in Law, no answer. Dreams of a nice breakfast out disappeared. 11.30 niece rang back. Sorry, mix up, I won't be there until after 1pm now. We have something to eat and go out for a walk. Sis in Law and niece turn up at 3pm. We felt like we had wasted a day. We didn't actually, but it felt a bit like we were hanging around waiting. I will not show my displeasure as it is not worth causing bother. Sis in Law had to work this morning instead of the afternoon and niece failed to pass on the information to us.

We did go into town after Sis in Law left. It was too late to go to Brunswick Street. Myer had a stocktake sale happening. Bought some full price birthday cards. R spied a jacket he might have bought if niece and I had not talked him out of it. We then checked out hand held vacuum cleaners as our present one is held together with sticky tape and the batteries seem to be failing.

Our fave coffee place, The Wedge, in QV was closing. Damn. Ended up having a nice muffin and ghastly coffee at a place called Mrs Fields I think.

Onto Harvey Norman. Prices for hand held vacs similar to Myer. Pu tin the too hard basket for a time. I am a hard wearer out of ear buds for a Walkman or MP3 player. Phillips model in a cheap bin for $5. I'll have them. Electric razor, reduced from $74 to $29. My promise of faithfulness to my thirty four year old electric razor disappears. The new one is half the weight, 2/3 quieter and does the job a bit better. Why was it so cheap? I guess because it does not have batteries.

Officeworks for a mouse mat for the lappy. Mouse won't work on glass dining table.

Onto Woolworths for some ingredients for dinner. Niece is cooking. Ok noodle stir fry she made. I prefer R's cooking. He has had many years to develop cooking skill.

Something I had bought earlier was setting off alarms every time I entered or existed a shop. Only when I was leaving Woolworths at QV was I challenged. Lad asked to search my bag. I refused and kept walking. I heard him call a guard, but I had not noticed a two way radio on his person, I think he must have been pretending. Still, I was waiting for a heavy hand on my shoulder, but it did not eventuate. I never show any shop staff the contents of whatever bag I might have. Target staff asked me once before I paid for something. Clever. I left whatever I was going to buy behind and walked out. Can they not see my honest face?

Tomorrow, a Queens Birthday Dev Tea at our friends' in South Oakleigh. That'll be a barell, barel, baral...........lot of laughs without wine, not. I am rather fond of Dev Teas though.

I think we might have time to take niece to Brunny Street in the morning for breakfast.

Niece is being forced to watch an ABC telemovie at the moment. She is quite into it. She wants to be a park ranger. Oh the dreams of the young. I shall set her the task of finding out why gum leaves are shaped the way they are. See if she is up to the crease on her thinking and net searching abilities.


  1. Being a park ranger should be very exciting by the time niece graduates
    as hunters have let wild pigs loose in several state forests, and the farmers who tried deer and failed have let them loose in forests too.
    I got this from Parks Victoria when I went in person to complain about dirt bikes terrorising women dogs and horses in Enfield State Forest.
    (Yes they acted on my complaint and made 11 arrests)

  2. Sounds like a fun day out, Andrew :)
    I wouldn't be a park ranger in Victoria for all the tea in China right now; feral pigs and feral deer running amok but only select times they can be shot by select few 'approved' hunters, fuel load build up in national parks, access and fire trails blocked/closed - no thank you.
    Enjoy you Dev Tea! :)

  3. You've been faithful to the same electriz razor for 34 years? Does the bloody thing even trim anymore? I've killed two of the suckers in ten years!

    For some reason I can't muster an honest face when I walk through a security detector thingie, incredibly though, despite breaking into a sweaty, half-trot for the exit I've never been stopped. most of the time when I set the fucking things off I find a tag stuck to my show that a genuine shop-lifter has turfed onto the floor. Great security measure there.

  4. I never show people at shops my bags either. Years ago, I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, people at KMart made me take my sleeping baby Nick out of the pram and my Toddler Tom out of the pram (yes a double pram) so they could check it. I did not know my rights then as I do now.
    It enfuriated me as I had NOT taken a thing, and as Nick was such a bad sleeper that this time was MY time at the shops!
    I did tell them that I work my arse off and have a degree and am not some dole blugding theiving person..could they not see my face? LOL
    I hope your neice came good with her answer ont he shape of those leaves, lol.

  5. Brownie, that makes me angry. As if we don't have enough imported pests. Good on you for informing.

    Mutant, the old still works pretty well. I haven't been hassled for a while in shops, even Target, among the worst. You would look guilty for sure. I would stop you and drag you off for a 'search' of your person.

    That is beyond the pale Cazzie. Even I can see you have an honest face.....however, I have heard of women loading up prams and babies with stuff.

  6. I'd return it to Philishave for their museum.
    They probably KNOW they don't make them THAT WELL these days.

    2. Bwca blog stats showed a visit from Taipei, and now, i can see from my feed, that they are going round all my links leaving pron spam in chinese.
    I have taken down the blog to try stemming this.

  7. I took it to Philips once, thinking it might need new blades. I think they were nearby in Kingsway. The chap looked at the blades and said, no, they look fine.

    I had one Asian writing spam here, and one on an old post. The older one needs my approval first. I think only the last ten posts or the last ten days on my blog are open for unapproved comments.

  8. Beat husband who was a Quadriplegic had a bag on the back of his cair with a purse thingie in it ...He had no hand movement and totally unable to access that i would put the money or ATM in his pocket when he wanted to go off by himdself for a lookabout. He even had to ask them to take his money out of his pocklet to pay for things... On more than one occasion they wanted to check his bag...but a bit of a conundrum as we are supposed by their rules to open it ourselves and show them... hahahaha he couldn't do that...and I had that bag permanently and I mean permanently attached to the back of his electric chair...

    he drew great amusement at their efforts...maybe they thought he had an accomplice

  9. Andrew, that's my favourite thing to do, show them my HUGE over shoulder bag and tell them to go for it. The man at Big W just waves me through now. Harris Scarfe is the worst for leaving security tags in the strangest places where they don't get de-sensitised.

  10. Nice work MC. I bet Don just read your post and had a laugh.

    You shop in places with brave staff Jahteh. I wouldn't take you on.