Saturday, June 13, 2009


What on earth is the ABC doing getting in to bed with commercial broadcasters and promoting Freeview?

Freeview is being promoted as something magical. It is only what any digital television or an analogue tele with a digital box attached receives. Apart from ABC and SBS, only Channel Ten has done anything with a digital channel, sports. Boring.

What they want you to do is go out and buy a Freeview recorder when they are released, yes the one that does not allow you to skip ads and the Freeview recorder will probably be poor value for money.

I am absoloutely mystified as to why ABC is promoting Freeview. I am also mystified why they are allowed to promote something that will lead to a commercial transaction with another party.

Of course, I would expect the commercial media to try and confuse and alarm the masses and then offer a one stop shop fixes all solution. That the ABC is involved is wrong.


  1. Apparently channel 9 is next with "GO 99" which is set to launch in the next few months. Who knows what will be on it though, probably more stuff no one wants to watch.

    SBS launched it's new channel last week too. Creatively called "SBS TWO". It has different programming from "SBS ONE" and "SBS ONE HD" (possibly infringing on 10's territory with those names)between 6pm and midnight. So far it has shown a lot of foreign language films while the mainstream English programming has been on ONE and HD.

    All in all Freeview is the battle against Foxtel. All the Free to air channels need to team up. None, especially not the ABC or SBS can afford to be left behind. Of course the Commercials want to cripple ad skipping, that doesn't mean you can't go out and buy a non Freeview compliant recorder and skip ads, it will still work. Just there to trick the ignorant.

  2. Of course the ABC is prepared to get into bed with the commercial networks, after all the push for digital is a government driven move and now the ABC is the one getting left behind. If you can't beat 'em join em.

    I'm pretty sure the Freeview recorder would have had to go expensive government accreditation before being approved for sale too, hence the ABC's willingness to drive you towards a third party supplier. Amazing degrees of transparency there, wouldn't you agree?

  3. When I recently heard "...Commonwealth Bank has jacked up it's interest rates..." on Aunty I could the maternal line of the family turning in their graves.
    So Aunty climbing into bed with the common commercial types is no surprise.

  4. Channel 9's alternative offerings on it's HD service so far have included week day doses of Seinfeld, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. Now that is creative programming.

  5. i'm getting my new (second hand) set top box this week and I'm excited to see what's on these alternative channels. I don't care what the ABC does, they all sold out long ago, surely.

    More concerned that channel 31 isn't getting whatever it is it needs to broadcast in digital. Fair Go Kev!

  6. Ben, I forgot about SBS. And battle against TIVO too. It is the playing on ignorance that is my real issue.

    Mutant, I really can't see why the ABC needs to do this. Every machine or box will receive ABC and any regular ABC viewer must now be aware of ABC 2.

    Jayne, what you mention is getting worse and worse. Don't we sound old.

    Hardly inventive Victor, but it would not surprise me to hear there is a demand there.

    Don't get too excited Fenz. It is really more of the same mostly. Community channels will get some money, but it is slow coming for sure.

  7. oh please let me be excited, please! I love ABC, so two ABCs is awesomeness. Yes ok I have no life!

  8. There is some good stuff on ABC 2 Fenz. New show starting this week looks ok.

  9. i got my box last night and it's lovely, all those extra channels showing the same thing! Though the HD channels are brill - no advertising other than the channels own shows. YAY!!