Monday, June 08, 2009

Cheers Liz

It was the Queen's Birthday holiday here today. It isn't her actual birthday, but no matter, we like the day off. So from a republican, dearest Liz, may you have many more and long may you reign, just not too much longer over us.

We had a nice breakfast at Red Tongue, our preferred place, Madame Sousa's being full. Excellent service at Red Tongue. Where do they get them from? I am surprised at the expressions of support for royalty in Brunswick, but hey, every likes a queen.

Niece mentioned that the hanging bears mean a drug dealer working below. Not so sure about that. Poor bears.


  1. Hanging bears?
    Once upon a time they were satisfied with slinging a pair of ratty old runners over the wires, now Winnie the Pooh cops it :P

  2. 'Happy Birthday your Majesty'? Scrawled in chalk on the menu board just in case the old sow happens to be walking past looking for a breakfast special, no doubt.

  3. I've never had breakfast at Red Tongue, is it any good? I like the location and some of the staff are pretty fucking interactive of an evening so I may have to give it a shot... meet you there for a croissant and coffee next sunday?

  4. I feel sorry for the bears out in all this weather Jayne.

    Times are tight Brian. She must do her bit and find cheaper food.

    I like Red Tongue. It is our fourth time there. We had a lovely lunch with friends outside one warm and sunny afternoon. While I would love to share a buttery croissant with you Mutant, I will be at work both days at the weekend.

  5. " if you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise" Teddy Bears' picnic always plays in my head when I think of bears...I used to know all the words...

  6. Better bears than bare bums,...oops. I mean, better bears than someone's shoes! LOL

  7. Bugger... call in sick! (kidding, kidding) I guess you'll just have to let me butter your croissant some other time!

  8. Such innocent stuff MC.

    Nowt wrong with bare bums Cazzie.....well up to a certain age, and age I have passed.

    Tempting, especially as R will be away, but double time Mutant.