Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Beer Mat Man

I adored this picture on the side of the our National Gallery of Victoria when it was advertising an art deco exhibition.

In a similar travel poster vein, I came across this beer coaster at a pub recently. Very nice. Ignore the gambling promotional writings.


  1. yes, that art deco style still resonates.

  2. That was a great exhibition at the NGV, well worth the visit. And deco has it's moments of the sublime...

  3. I used to own a great art deco poster of the Fleetwood Tram Road. I wonder what happened to it? Probably stuck at the back of the wardrobe now along with all my other long lost treasures.

  4. Good Cazzie.

    Art deco never fails to grab me Victor. Something I might indulge in in my old age.

    Ah, you came across to see it Me? It was quite good.

    C'mon Brian. You can't mention it without getting it out and showing it to us! Your poster that is.

  5. Art Deco never goes out of style :)

  6. Jayne, I think I will have an art deco coffin.