Saturday, June 13, 2009

And here is the news

Man bitten by snake in the very heart of Melbourne town. How green are we to have snakes in the centre of town.

A work mate is away from work, suffering from swine flu.

Bar Mat Mum cannot travel to the US. How lucky is the US. She cannot take her kiddies to Dizzyland. CUBS. Cashed up bogans.

Madge has adopted a black boy. Lad, go for the money when you get the chance and enjoy what should be a charmed life.

The thoroughly gorgeous Ronaldo is sold from Manchester football club to Real Madrid. He celebrates with Paris Hilton by discussing metaphysics until five in the morning. (I made the last bit up hey, it was really the state of the planet they discussed)

Related, because he too was done by Paris, poor ex major tennis player Mark Philippousis is broke.

Tracy Grimshaw, host of a controversial daily tabloid tv show who not only took on the sickening Gordon Ramsey but has now had offers to strip. There comes a time girl........

Sonny and Cher's daugther is up for a chop and some additions, literally.

Peter Andre sounds like a hen pecked husband. I reckon she has more money. I hope he takes Jordan for heaps.

The almost broke James Packer puts up another sufferer of the global financial crisis and sufferer of people not liking him anymore, in a premium hotel suite when they visit Oz soon. They can both chat about something called scientology. I lump that in with Baptists and Falun Gong. No science in getting a good rogering Tom. Email me for the the local rent boy service.

Queensland police tazered a bloke three times and he died. No criticism of them but police chief says he might have died from other causes. Yep, ok, I believe it was just a co-incidence.

Perth can build a new train line 72 kilometres long, up hill and down dale and underground right into the centre of town, for 1.2 billion dollars. In Melbourne, a 3.5 kilometre rail extension in the outer suburbs will cost 562 million, more than half of the cost of Perth's 72 km train line. Must be caviar on the lunch menu for the gangers.


  1. And in more news..I am working night shift tonight and tomorrow night, I can bring YOU the news then , LOL.

  2. Send Jamie's mate back, can't stand the little prick.

  3. "How green are we to have snakes in the centre of town."

    I suspect they're after all the rats.

  4. You pick your nights to work Cazzie. Saturday night!!! Do tell us about the blood and gore.

    Jayne, how did he turn from being a hot looking actor to a horrid little prick? Talk about bad PR.

    That has been mentioned Brian. More likely it was planted.

  5. oh I know.
    Ditto everything you said.

  6. Everything from here on in is now the fault of The Commonwealth Bank.
    So I read somewhere, I think

  7. Blah blah blah bloody old news!
    Ok, unless you ever listened to the russell brand radio shows that will make no sense, but i could care less.

    That snake must've had a hot water bottle strapped to its belly, coz it was far too cold for a reptile to be out and about that day!

  8. Yep Ian. PM Rudd would have us believe the economy is about to collapse due to the Comm Bank increasing interest rate by .1%.

    Yes Fenz. Far too cold. Must be a plant.