Sunday, May 24, 2009


Was it the CIA in the US who interrogated the prisoners at what I see is sometimes called Gitmo, Guantanamo. The US does not use torture on suspected terrorists, just an interrogation technique called water boarding, where the victim is strapped down horizontally and made to feel like he is drowning.

One victim, and yes, I am using that word consciously, was subjected to this 63 or 83 times. I can't recall, but in the multiple tens. Apparently, according to a Mr Cheney, this saved the world from terrorism.

Of course it is boring to watch, and so probably can't be construed as torture. It would be ever so much more interesting to see some real old fashioned torture, such as bit of electro applied to a bloke's nads, but apparently this might fall in the category of torture.

While Cheney and his ilk play around with definitions of torture, they cannot stand on any moral high ground and lecture others. And god help any future US prisoners captured on foreign soil. They can expect no mercy and the captors would laugh at pleas from the US government.


  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Funny you post this today - yesterday I saw a documentary on the abuse of detainees in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamao. It was very interesting and highlighted the hypocrisy of the US administration. They covertly encouraged such behaviour but when it became public knowledge, they claimed it was done by 'a few bad apples' only. No officers or policy makers were convicted of anything but several lower ranking soldiers were. Vik.

  2. You want torture? You should have gone to the London Dungeon. There they have displays on all the good old fashioned forms of torture. The one I liked was the guillotine where water spray's over the crowd when the blade drops, it's very dimly lit in there (as all good dungeons are), so you can't really see the "blood", you just feel it.

  3. Donald Rumsfeld was the person who signed the torture bill, known as the Bybee-Yoo memo.
    There is a wiki for it -
    "The memo has been widely criticized. Yale law school Dean and former Assistant Secretary for Human Rights Harold Koh called it "perhaps the most clearly erroneous legal opinion I have ever read" which "grossly overreads the president's constitutional power."[11] Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean, whose name was cemented in the national consciousness by his involvement in the Watergate scandal, concludes that the memo is tantamount to evidence of a war crime"

  4. re Bens comment on making entertainment out of Really Bad Stuff:
    The day before Martin Bryant went mad at Port Arthur, the gaol admin had a display advert in The Australian, calling for tenders to install a sound and light show simulating the horrors of convict imprisonment.

    didn't go ahead though.
    thank god.

  5. I tried waterboarding once. Kept falling off. As for having to spend an afternoon in the company of a bunch of tossers in speedos saying things like 'Whoa dude' and 'Rad' and 'Cool Trevor', I don't see how it could be classified as anything but torture.

  6. Christopher Hitchens got waterboarded so he could write about it for Vanity Fair. There are TouYubes of it if you guugle it.

  7. Vik, Waterboarding is only what they are admitting to. I bet much worse happened. It is the hypocrisy that gets me riled.

    Yeah Ben, I missed that one. Any hot iron rod penetration?

    FG, Rumsfeld and Cheney, what great partners. I guess the re-enactment is only the time distance. But the horror of Port Arthur should never be re-enacted in living memory.

    Brian, spending time with guys in Speedos can only be good.

    Yeah Ann, I saw it. Boring as batshit but unpleasant for the victim.

  8. Heh, once they've trotted down that slippery slope of "justified" torture they can expect nothing but the same in return for captured US soldiers.

  9. Precisely Jayne and makes us guilty by association too.

  10. I have friends in the US and they are not crazy nor mad...but the US Gov and its officials are beresk - stark raving kunatics with power...its been like this for far too long and it still is...changing the president...well we can pretend now all will be welll, but the same madmen and madwomen are at the helm

  11. Might get a bit cleaned out in time MC.