Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too hot to touch

I could get into trouble big time if I say too much about the number of foreign students in Melbourne. I am allowed an observation though. Three years ago, Coles supermarket in Prahran had predominately Aussie born workers. R said to me last week, take a look at all the check out chaps and chapesses. Every one was from the subcontinent, bar one, who was of 'Asian' appearance'.

There is something going on here that I do not understand. Maybe more later.

I hope you are all appalled at violent attacks against students from the sub continent. I certainly am. The perpetrators are not only scum, but stupid as well, as I believe all trains have quite good CCTV and the scum is invariably caught. Out on the street, it is a different matter, and the perpetrators of such violence on innocent young men may well not be caught. Our police force is supposed to uphold the law, but on the face of it, FAIL.

It is a matter of great concern, but not withstanding, it is bit rich for India's High Commissioner to be visiting Melbourne and India's PM to be telephoning our Prime Minister to discuss the problem and indicate how seriously this problem is being viewed in India.

Hello, India, starvation, deprivation, extreme poverty, terrible young mortality rates, growing wealth gap.......the list of problems is very long.

One could be very cynical and think India's response is all about politics and playing to the masses, but I would not want to lead you to what I think.

Victoria Police don't seem to be doing such a good job of protecting its citizens and visitors. It may well take a bit more of an effort than lining up fifteen parked police cars in Swanston Street on a Friday night.


  1. "Hello, India, starvation, deprivation, extreme poverty, terrible young mortality rates, growing wealth gap..."

    Ah, but two wrongs don't make a right, Andrew. Actually that's not true...doesn't minus one multiplied by minus one give you a positive one? Or have I just got my long-lost school lessons confused? I know that adding two minuses gives you a greater minus, and multiplying by nought gives neither a minus nor a positive. Dividing by that's where it gets tricky. What was the point I was trying to make?

  2. I'm lost too Brian. Something about two wongs not making a white.

  3. Staff the stations 24/7, increase CCTV everywhere, get real with the sentences for little snot-wipes who should be at home studying for school and not roaming the streets at all hours with their parents cutlery drawers shoved down their baggy-fronts.
    Goodness, might stop attacks on both Indian and non-Indian students!

  4. I reckon that might do the trick Jayne. I saw marauding and agggressive kids about ten years old last night, at 1am. No real harm done. But what are ten year old kids doing out at 1am with or without a parent in sight. I had to be in bed by 8.30 at that age.

  5. The way I look at it, race has nothing to do with it, nor should it. As far as police are concerned, these are attacks on people and it should be approached as such. Reports like this need a little twisting, ie 'attacks against young males has increase' (has it?). The fact that many of these victims are from the sub-continent may simply be a reflection of their greater representation in the population. This, however, has no influence what so ever on the fact that people are getting attacked (which should be the main issue!). And besides, what business is it of any foreign High Commissioner if these attacks are on Australian residents?

  6. I think race does have something to do with Rob. Maybe only because those from the sub-continent are seen as easy targets, as your average o/s student is not likely to be carrying a knife nor has he grown up with a culture of, well not violence, but, hard to find the words. These attacks are on Indian students, not Australians. But your point is very valid. It matters nowt where they are from, born here or not, foreigner or not.