Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Tis the fashion

This guy sagging looks quite hot, but generally the whole sagger thing leaves me cold. Watching lads hitch up their baggy trousers all the time before they drop to their ankles is tedious. They walk, they need to hitch them up consantly. They run, they have to hold them up. Last week when we took Little Jo to Albert Park Lake, you should have seen the contortions one dude had to go through to pull up his strides while both hands were full carrying a small sail boat. I was just willing them to drop.

These stupid straight bois should observe how young gay bois do it. That is a tight belt just at the right place under the hip bone. Just as in hair and makeup, get it right before you go out, and then leave it alone.

While I would love to turn the clock back to crotch revealling tight jeans as can be seen in the second picture, the other current fashion for tight low rise stove pope leg jeans isn't too bad.

Must bash orf, I have to iron a verticle crease into the legs of my high waisted jeans. Oh, and Lief Garrett doesn't like quite so cute now.


  1. Wow to the second way to the first... there is a group on Facebook called "Pull Your F&*%ing Pants Up"... haha, it made me laugh to see it there.

  2. I fight the urge to paddle exposed backsides like that out in public...I figure if they're going to dress like a toddler in too-big clothes, then they can get treated like a naughty toddler.
    Lief was never my cuppa tea so 'meh' at his latest incarnation.

  3. "This guy sagging looks quite hot, but generally the whole sagger thing leaves me cold."Mind you Shirl, at our age the sagging element tends to appear 180 degrees around from where this lad is disporting his.

    Leif, the second pic, meets Charlie Manson.

    "my high waisted jeans."Oh, no! Shorley not Shirley Highpants,

  4. Whilst saggers like that shapely youth in your photograph give me a vacarious thrill by exposing their assets (and he certainly is asset rich) I cannot understand how they find wearing their trousers so low in the slightest way comfortable.

  5. As a 'Young straight boi(sic)', I don't let my ass hang out of my pants. What if photos like the one shown interrupt my political career path by a cheap Herald Scum columnist.
    And again, as I've said often before, I'm at a loss as to how you can identify someone's sexuality on the street, without even interacting with them.

  6. Really Cazzie. I must look at that.

    Jayne, I would love to give him a good spanking.

    With a smart crease LS.

    Can't be comfortable Victor. Just darn silly. You would only appear more interesting if the photo was published ten years after your political career began. I will address your comment about identifying gays in the street in a post.

    But I bet your jeans are quite baggy Reuben.

  7. Not a fan of the sagging trouser. Esp when they wear WITH a belt, I mean come on... that's just silly.

    Partial to a good butt in a nice pair of blue jeans, fitted nicely, but with a looseness to skim over the skin. *sigh* Told you I was a worse perve than you. Hot and flustered now.

  8. Raelene, really tight does not suit most guys from a rear angle. But when the right one does, wow.

  9. Oh good grief. I just want to hitch them up under his armpits and mutter at him.

  10. Yeah Judge, some of them look absurd.