Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exiting Harvey Norman at QV

I do like a boi with big hair. I must have taken the photo with the phone camera, as it is not a very clear shot. I only just noticed the sign writing, New Store Coming Here. There has never been a shop there, just a blank wall. I wonder if he will be serving in the new store? I am sure I will need whatever he might be selling.


  1. Perhaps there'll just be a that opens into the commercial wing of Narnia.

  2. It shall be the hidden secret for hair re-growth!

  3. I'll have what you're having.

  4. All my friggin' life I've been searching for a man who likes big hair, and failed. My hair was fucking huge and now I've scaled it back. You could've stopped the madness Andrew, but you're too late!

  5. ha ha is it wrong i didn't know there was a Hardly Normal at QV! I like boys with big hair, it makes me smile :)

  6. The caption is a little too close to the jeans,doncha think?

    Maybe the agency thought "we can slip this one by the client"

    'Exciting Opening' indeed.

    I like big-hair guys.
    Russell Brand
    Yahoo Serious

  7. Laughing myself silly. You only just noticed there were words on there! You are such a perve. Love it!!

  8. I have a vague idea of what Narnia is Brian. Something to do with the Harry the lion and his wardrobe.

    Think I have left the regrowth too late Jayne.

    Alas dear Mutant, what might have been.

    Fenz, it is small compared to the others, but the photo printing is cheap and handy.

    I might have moved the caption a bit lower Brownie. I too have really taken to Brand, thanks to you, Fenz and others.

    Yeah, I am perve Raelene. Problem? Btw, I can't find what I mentioned in Is It Just Me, but there is a nice bit at the end of Ep 12.

  9. Without fail, I always miss one comment. Victor, I am happy to share.

  10. No probs at all. Makes me laugh, you're almost as bad as me. :)