Thursday, April 02, 2009

Viva la Republique

There is plenty of passion in Australia for us to become a republic. KRudd says, not yet, but soon. The Queen lovers and sycophants speak out loudly against the idea, as do the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' band.

I have some sympathy with both views. It isn't actually broke and there is no pressing need. The Queen is widely respected and I would go so far as to say loved by many in Australia, perhaps more so than in England, coz we don't have deal with class issues so much. The crunch time will be when she no longer long may she reign over us.

But on the other hand, surely we are an independent country. Surely we can fuck (inserted for shock value) ourselves up as well as England has without Betty glowering down upon us. Technically, she rules us. This can't be right, even if we would jump if she said so.

This post is really just an excuse to use a couple of pics I came across on the net. Ok, I have used one before. You don't remember anyway. Add a caption if you want. Mine might be, first picture, "I have to sit next to who at dinner? A Kev and a Tess from Australia?"
or, "I just so am not going to that Maggie woman's funeral. You can't make me."

Second, "I didn't really want to come across William's personal pictures when I was researching sporrans on the internet. Clearly he has his father's genes. I did change Chas's nappy once or twice."


  1. I don't like the Queen. Her death or rebirth would be of little significance in my life.

  2. Poor old Lilly-Bet, she knows she'll in all likelihood be the last Brit monarch - can't see Chas and the strumpet tolerated within a bulls roar of the throne while the Heir and the Spare are too much their mother's children and know there's more to life than frocking up in the twin set and pearls for afternoon tea in the Buck Palace grounds.

  3. I have mixed feelings about the republic thing. I've heard good arguments against it. But after reading Gough Whitlam's book about the dismissal, I'm kind of leaning back towards the Republic side. It seems unlikely and outlandish, but what if something like that DOES happen again?

  4. Shocker photos that not even a pretty hat will fix. She looks so much like my mother in law (deceased) its uncanny... and as scary too.

    I just think it would cost too much to change and i don't think we need to spend that money till every single Australian has a home, employment if needed and adequate health care and education...and if the Champions of the republic, Turnbull and Wendy Machin (NRMA director) who was our NAT member are an indication of the elite who will be running the show that sends chills down my spine. her husband is david bell and he is the CEO or top something of the Bankers association Australia wide...

    I thought we had a democratic vote on that and Australia said no...

  5. Off course she's got her mothers genes so she's gonna be hanging about knockin' back the G'n'Ts for another 20 years at least.

    (Only good thing about that is that she's really going to get onto Prince "I could have been a contender!" Charlie's tits big time.)

  6. Middlekiddy, my scary thig is that she looks like my mother, especially in the hair department. (And too make it scarier my mother is a Pom.)

  7. If everything was running along smoothly, schools and hospitals fully funded, public transport functioning, etc, etc, etc, then yes, this may well be an issue worth bringing up. Until then, it remains, as it always has been, a distraction from a shitload more important things. This isn't even mentioning how much the "conversion" will cost or how the damn thing will run. Knowing our loyal and dedicated pollies, they will invent some crazy system minus a little bit more democracy. Let it be.

  8. Therese Rein-Rudd behind the pulpit at Westminster Abbey has shocked me enough for the day thanks.

  9. "Therese Rein-Rudd behind the pulpit at Westminster Abbey has shocked me enough for the day thanks."

    I blame Ted 'Pickle me grandmother' Pulpit!

  10. They say jump, you say how high

  11. With due respect Reuben, because of your age, I would not expect you to. You have to grow up being taught to love honour and obey.

    Salient words Jayne. I don't know that the English will tolerate the next lot.

    Dina, I really don't think Australian's would wear that again. They only did that time because of the incompetent government of the time.

    MC, it was a very skewed vote, designed to get a certain result. Your points about the cost and the proponents are very valid. But it could easily be done administratively.

    LS, not sure she is quite the fun time girl her mother was.

    In my mellowing years Rob, I am inclined to agree with you.

    Missed that FG. Pulpit indeed!

    A friend tells me it was Bullpitt LS.

  12. If I do jump when they say so Fenz, I always consider whether it is in my interest.

  13. Anonymous11:21 pm

    To those of you who say Australia shouldn't be a republic because of the costs involved in the changeover; how much do you think it costs to maintain the Queen's representatives, ie the Governors and the Governor-General? All those Government Houses, the staff and the Governors themselves - couldn't that money be put to better use now? It could be used to fund public hospitals and schools. It could be used to help the poor or build houses. Why wait? Vik.

  14. "You have to grow up being taught to love honour and obey."

    Unlike Reuben I'm an old fogie. And I still can't stand the po-faced old bat.

  15. Sadly Vik, it would come without guarantees that what we have now would not be replicated in some way. For instance, I can imagine the President, if we have one and I see no need, might like a house in each state capital. He or she would find the present government houses very suitable.

    Brian, she doesn't look like she has much of a sense of humour does she? Stern, stiff and never relaxed. Very difficult to imagine her lost in a moment of passion.

  16. "Stern, stiff and never relaxed."

    Sorry Shirl,you've got 'em mixed. That's not herselfishness, it's Phil the Greek tenting under the royal doona.

  17. LOL LS. Do you reckon Phil has done much tenting in the matrimonial bed?

  18. Probably. But as rumour would have it, probably not his own matrimonial bed.

    I'm awaiting Coppertop's kiss, bonk and tell bio (tentatively titled "Beware of Greeks Baring Gifts", witch I am led to believe is loosely based on Arundhati Siegfried'n'Roy's Booker prize winning novel "The God of Small Things") for substantiation and verifornication.

  19. I can't help it if I had an addiction to naval types and you'll be in my book as a small appendage mark.


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