Friday, April 17, 2009

Recommended Reading #97

There is some really important stuff happening in the world, among wars, violence, love, pain and the whole damn thing. There is the right way in this world and the wrong way.

I urge you to contribute your comment to this most important blog post by long time blogger Daniel, who has probably been blogging from when monitors only showed green and black, and you better agree with my comment, or don't bother commenting.


  1. Oh dear, this could be the end of a beautiful blog friendship ;)

    Definitely against the wall. It's one of the few things I do get quite anal about (apologies for the terrible terrible terrible pun).

  2. Here's something sad.

    We really do neither.

    We're lazy and rarely put it on the roll. We just have multiple toilet papers rolls lying around the counter and floor.

    When we do manage to get it up on the holder, I think it's away from the wall. Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it.

  3. have not followed link yet, but
    AWAY from wall.
    sorry if we are 'over'.

  4. I was 16 years old, I was working at a Nursing Home, The Matron came into the tea room and boomed in a loud voice, "Who put the last roll of toilet paper on the roller in the staff toilet?" .... "I did" was said a pitying low voice.... hang was MY voice!
    "Never, ever place the toilet roll on the holder with the roll facing the wall. It LOOKS ugly and is most un hygenic, always face the paper's end AWAY from the wall".
    OMG...I have never ever hung the paper the wrong way again. Amen!

  5. Phew, our burgeoning friendship may develop yet.

    Away from the wall always.

  6. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Here in Japan most people have the paper hanging away from the wall so they can fold the end into a neat triangle, ready for use by the next person! Vik.

  7. Well Jackie, don't expect me to be using your lavvie lovie.

    As I type Dina and say that is terrible, I am really laughing.

    A person of style Ann.

    Matrons are always right hey Cazzie.

    When move in Victor, it is one thing we won't squabble about.

    Ah Vik, the Japanese. Such style.

  8. PS Vik. I hate to think how much wrapping is around a toilet roll.

  9. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Actually toilet paper is one of the few items that don't get over packaged. You've got me wondering why now... Vik.

  10. Funny Vik, as I wrote that, I thought that might be the case.

  11. Will have a look...thanks