Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday and Monday

Poor Mother, home alone for easter when she was used to going off to late step father's family in Colac and delivering umpteen easter eggs to step father's children, grand children and great grand children. It fell to me, or us, to take Mother out on Sunday. She wanted to go to Lysterfield Lake, so that is where we shall go. She wanted to meet late, so that is what we shall do. Since we were meeting late, I thought we should have a nice meal in a pub afterwards.

It was a disastrous day.

We fed Sister's cat along the way, got there way too early and they were late. We just missed the last vacant table. R was very naff with the whole thing and how it was going. We sat on rugs, or tried to sit comfortably while Mother moaned on and on about her medical and personal problems. After a couple of hours of this torture, a table became free and we finally had somewhere to sit. Lysterfield Lake was overun by Indian families. Their voices were loud and unrelenting. Horror of horrors, I saw someone there from my workplace (FOC SD for those in the know). What a contrast to the peace of Emerald Lake barely two weeks ago.

We left and went back to Mother's with some take away chicken. We gulped it down and bolted. It really was a horrid day and of course I must take the blame. We arrived home at about 8pm and R went straight to his bedroom.

Today, Monday, started off better. I cleaned the oven while R caught up on ironing. Then for lunch with the brother friends and the NT ex politician and his Fijian Indian b/f to Sand Bar on the Middle Park beach. Very busy. We wanted to sit outside, but the only free table for six was inside. Nice enough meal but not what you would call cheap. We then took a walk along the beach.

Rid of everyone, we relaxed for a bit and then R decided his car needed cleaning. We set off for the new St Kilda car wash place but there were four cars queued. I could see a bay free at the back but it would require me to drive through the automatic wash, which I wasn't sure about or pull out and enter at the back (oh dear). I went to back just as a car pulled in. So we had lost our place in the queue and missed the free bay. I was ordered Home! Now! Not my fault. Once home, R decided to go himself and wash his car. And this Tuesday morning, are we happy chappies? No we aren't.
Lysterfield Lake
Middle Park Beach


  1. You think you had a bad Easter? You should have seen what the Vatican did to their plumber with two pieces of wood.

  2. If you had taken Brian along to cheer everyone up ...

    and what they put their adult children through.
    My lucky 3 have not seen me since christmas 2007.
    we all like it that way.

  3. It's my duty (and overwhelming horror) to tell you that Mother's Day is only just around the corner.

  4. Wasn't he a carpenter Brian? Or was that his father.

    Not really the case with us Ann. We all love our mother dearly but recognise how exasperating she can be. She always has been but is getting worse.

    Cheers Jahteh. Brightened my evening no end.

  5. Andrew, his dad was a carpenter. His own speciality was converting big vats of water into bordeaux I believe.

  6. She needs a hobby, Andrew, she's becoming too introspective and has nothing else to focus on.
    Get her a kitten.
    Or enroll her in a rock climbing course.
    Either way she'll have to think of someone/something other than herself.

  7. Ah yes Brian. A decent profit margin there I would think.

    Introspective is exactly what she is Jayne. Don't talk to me about cats. Big problem. I will write a separate post.

  8. I don't know why I am laughing... not at you but maybe with you...ahem!

  9. I am not really laughing MC. I am worried for her and also feel somewhat powerless. But we do use black humour between ourselves, R and brothers and sister.