Monday, April 13, 2009

Dame M's vultures

Dame M had gofer, known as Bloody Stanley. He used to call in to her place every morning and ask what she wanted at the shops. Cigarettes and a cask of wine were her usual requests, but sometimes some food. She would hand him fifty dollars and I suppose he gave her the change. Bloody Stanley would return with a bargain he had picked up for Dame M, something she did not want. I can recall Dame M saying Bloody Stanley turned up with a tin of ham. Who eats tinned ham nowadays? Bloody Stanley also looked after a youngish unmarried lass with kiddies in his apartment block. After a few days of not hearing from him, the unmarried lass called the police and Bloody Stanley was found dead in his bathroom this week. Same age as Dame M and he died a year and one month later than Dame M did. As much as she moaned about him, I think Dame M was quite fond of him. He always had advice for her, which she always ignored.

There must have been some time line thing. It wasn't probate as a friend who works in a law office looked it up and probate was decided soon after Dame M's death. But there was a date in March slightly more than a year after she died that was important. Her step sons are saying that Dame M had no right to sell the house in Coventry Street. I can't understand how Dame M couldn't sell a house that did not have her name on the title. Anyway, they are claiming 5% of Dame M's estate.

We all thought trouble would come from Dame M's nieces but not so. They called to apologize to Dame M's boarder for their mother's contesting of the will, his 25%. And then they gave him notice to get out within thirty days. The boarder is too much of a softie. He has bent over backwards to please Dame M's nieces, far beyond the call. Now Dame M's sister, who she hated, is contesting his share. She doesn't need the money. It is clearly to leave to her daughters, the nieces.

What is troubling is that Dame M loved her boarder very much. She cared about him and worried about him. They got on famously and had known each other for thirty years and lived together for fifteen years. He hated smoking and drinking and gambling, all the things Dame M loved. Yet, they cared about each and lived in each others pockets for fifteen years. It might have been a 30 year age gap, but they should have married and it would be so much simpler now.

PS I just learned today that Dame M had asked her boarder a few years ago if they should get married to save complications.


  1. I hope the 30 days is NOT expired so you can tell that boarder of 15 years that he does NOT have to go anywhere.
    Get Tenants Guide from RESI or visit any community info centre who will apprise him of his absolute right to remain for quite some long time yet.
    Occupancy is only at risk from "an Owner who must occupy the premises" and since owner is dead until all the will is free and clear then so is Boarder.
    The Dame M we knew and loved will karma them from the grave.

  2. Landlords...don't talk to me about landlords.

  3. Bastards, hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest their crotches and armpits.

  4. Slight error Ann. Notice has been given for 30th June. The property is on the market.

    Still no joy across the road Brian.

    As usual Jayne, nicely put.