Friday, April 03, 2009

Change of Life

At a recent birthday celebration, a dyke friend sat under the air conditioning. I was concerned that she would get too cold. The change, she said. Jeez, she isn't that old, I thought. Apparently she is.

It connected back to something I was thinking about the other day, something from my early teen years when older women seemed to be dropping out babies out like there was no tomorrow.

I forget who told me, but it was explained to me that they were change of life babies. I may have subsequently thought about change of life babies and quickly concluded that as women age, they become less fertile and worry less about becoming pregnant, perhaps give up contraception, but at the point when they are going through menopause, for a short period, they become very fertile.

I have never bothered to check that my specularation has any basis for fact?

Oh, I am getting a bit excited. Shall I hear some 'news' from some of my girl blog mates in the future?

Ah, just learned from our weekly television guide, the phrase is 'mature age pregnancy'.


  1. Won't be getting any news from this little black duck, the plumbing was ripped out during a Changing Wombs renovation some years back ;)

  2. Ditto on wot Jayne so elegantly said.
    I still say it would be easier to rip out the plumbing on the blokes.

  3. ~giggling at Jayne's comment~

  4. and (channels Mr Squiggle) "Miss Jayne, Miss Jayne" (and Coppertop), I had my plumbing short circuited many moons ago.

    Thank you umpires. Thank you ball boys. (Boom, boom!) Thank you Bertram Wainer's Fertility (irony?) Clinic.

  5. I have my womb and I am thinking of sperm from Russell Brand implanting octuplets - 8 times the baby bonus, plus 8 child payments per fortnight for 16 years ... man, its a Career.

    Russell says in his book: "you have not experienced life until you've raced gokarts with 20 junkies", and I would add
    and until you have had a hot flush - it hardly describes the sensation of an INSTANT temperature rise of about 20 degrees.
    an INSANE sensation.

  6. Don't worry Andrew,

    I have it on good authority, you can't make a woman pregnant by leaving a dirty comment on her blog.


    (very clean) Pants

  7. Changing Wombs. Well done Jayne.

    The idea that women would do such a thing to be sterile horrifies me Jahteh. Much easier for the the bloke to do it.

    Giggle away Daisy. You could say rather a lot about your appalling experience.

    LS, the kindest cut.

    Ann, you might have to do it eight times with Brand. You really up for that!!!

    Pants, cryptic comments from edjucated London chicks scare me. You are having a go at Ann?

  8. Wrong idea Andrew, cutting the fallopian tubes is for sterilization. We rarely ditch the lot except for good reasons. In my case it was only ovarian cysts not the ovarian cancer that runs through the females in my family and now I don't have to worry about that. I only worry about the galloping insanity.

  9. Quite so Jahteh. It is odd how they are connected in people's minds.

  10. My Grandmother classes my Mum as being her "Change of life baby". Termed so because of the abscence/ cessation of menstruation post baby. TMI? Well, it is true.
    For me, it shall not be so, the baby factory long gone, I shall sit under the air conditioner when the time comes, just as your friend has done. The change yet to come :(

  11. Ah, that makes it clear Cazzie. Thanks. They think because they stop....I am not gonna try to spell it, they are now safe.