Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prahran Market Sign

Not sure how readable this blackboard sign is once posted. If the idea was to attract attention, it succeeded for me. For those of you who don't understand why it is odd, we have been using decimal currency since 1966 and metric weights for a long time also.

The market also had an exhibition of food eaten in Australia since its white person settlement. Tables were set with the mock up food, crockery, cutlery set on period tables with the appropriate accessories. It was quite well done considering it is only a market.

If you are wondering, we don't buy fruit and vegetables there, only flowers for home.


  1. ... a pound of mushies would fill a cardboard carton.
    I worked in a bank during decimalisation. The good old days before we all got an unrequested bankcard in our mailboxes, before the NAB-your-money bank charged $35 for writing a cheque not covered by your balance.
    The G-O-D when banks had the same interior as when first built ...

    Has anybody seen the new CommBanks with couches and side tables? SCARY. They look like a House&Garden magazine set.
    My shock was the Portland branch.

  2. you mean people actually go IN to banks these days? *shocked* :-)

  3. I take it the market also sells extremely good beer.

  4. I bet someone's been hanging to write that board since Feb 14th, 1966.

  5. I am old enough to recall being a very excited kid when I received my first five cent piece FG. I like my local bank, with lounge chairs and a number to take. Not all bad.

    Pretty rare for me Andrew.

    Beer comes from the place mentioned in the next post. No beer at the market. If you mean the bad picture, camera phone, darkish and my hands are never the stillest.

    Tune go around in your head Jayne?

  6. Strewth Hughsie, it's like Australia bloody House over here these days with all these colonial commentors.

    I'm reading 1942 Jim Lees-Milne diaries and he is unimpressed in Avebury where 'they'
    "have removed medieval cottages and cleared away all traces of habitation subsequent to the Iron Age"

    (maybe they were trying to thwart The Time Team)

    then he deplores the hideous wire fencing and turnstiles at Stone Henge.
    Are they still there I wonder?
    Keep digging - you'll end up down here and we can all grogBlog.