Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Kate

There are a few Kate's around at the moment. I saw my favourite Kate on tv last night. She is gorgeous as ever, although tight fitting upper garments can show rolls!

Which Kate, I hear you ask? Not the Winslett Kate, and not the Blanchette Cate, but Kate Fitzpatrick.

Friend and confidante of the the late Australian author Patrick White, cricket aficionado and radio cricket commentator, tv, movies, thoroughly competent actor, entertaining radio guest. Kate is just glam wife I would like to have if I wanted a wife who came without the bits I like.

Pics from Fairfax, News Corp and Classic Australian Tv.


  1. I think that top picture is Pamela Stephenson :)

  2. Correct Andrew. Just making sure people are paying attention. It is gone now.

  3. I am so with you on this! I love Kate Fitzpatrick. Stunning woman and is always ALWAYS full of confidence. Such a strong woman. Something I wish I could be and strive to be.
    And even now (it was Packed to the Rafters she was on this week) she is just as gorgeous as ever.

  4. She is abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous.
    We enjoy her in Something In The Air every week night 7.30pm ABC2 (withdrawals will happen when they run out of episodes!!!).

  5. We have some great older women who should be on the teev much more than they are instead of silly bimbo girlfriends of boofheaded footballers.

    I thought I was in the running for wifeofhawtandrew. Fickle gay.

  6. Shallow queen that I am Raelene, I forgot which show. The father's love interest I think.

    She had a quite meaty role in that show Jayne. You are only watching to see Eric Bana. I know.

    Agree Jahteh. Although Pants disagreed with me when I posted previously about it, the UK is the only place that seems to give them a fair trot.