Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The new Australia

I was on a tram this week, ok, that is not unusual. I see far more interesting things on trams than I ever do on buses, which I also use. (Pokes tongue out at Victor)

Australia has changed and I am liking what I see. There were several Greek women going to the Greek church in High Street, East Prahran. I recall Greek women going to the same church twenty plus years ago. They were dressed in black and wore ugly shoes and made no effort with appearance. Ok, their husbands had died I guess. So?

The Greek women I saw this week were probably between sixty and seventy and I would think have spent most of their life in Australia. It was almost like a competition to out dress each other. They all had very nice clothes and shoes and were well made up. Their hair was neat, well coloured and stylish. Even those in perpetual mourning black cut fine figures.

Thinking about it, I can't recall the last time I saw your traditional short and stout Greek woman in mourning black buttoned up to the neck. They used to clutter up the footpaths in Oakleigh. Seen any recently Jayne?


  1. I am glad of that change too Andrew. I love it when women wear stylish clothes, no matter the colour..and I always always look at their shoes..and of course their hand bags. Nice clean shoes and stylish handbags are a must :)

  2. I saw a large, stout dark woman dressed all in black, with just a tasteful hint of moustache just this morning...

    oh hang on. That was me, in the bathroom mirror....

    Good on them for making the best of themselves I say. Here's hoping they can overhaul the way they raise their sons.

    (ducks and runs for cover)

    off topic somewhat... I learned today that in France you do not EVER run out to the baker's in trakkie daks. This is not done, because it is considered selfish. "It is not nice for the baker."

    Ahhh, the french....

  3. "Thinking about it, I can't recall the last time I saw your traditional short and stout Greek woman in mourning black buttoned up to the neck."

    I think they were all rounded up by the body fascists and marched out of Australia at gunpoint.

  4. I agree. The same 'look' is at the church/temple/whatever in Yarraville. Have seen them outdress eachother. Young and old, no matter the age. Some of them are quite stunning.
    Complete opposite to the sight when I was young.

  5. Very, very rare sighting of the full black outfit these days, Andrew.
    Had a giggling chat with a group of gals of Greek descent who threaten, blackmail, bribe and generally drag their kids to church with the philosophy "If I had be dragged there every week, then so can they" LOL.

  6. Cazzie, I had a boss who used to check your shoes when you went to see him to ask for holidays.

    Lol at mirror image Ozfemme. I get your point about the sons, but I can myself into enough trouble without going there. Actually, I might one day.

    Raelene, can you pin point a year that the change happened? Funny how things change in front of our eyes and we don't notice them.

    I bet a lot of women in Greece don't dress like that now either Jayne. The kids always look so smart when they are dragged to church.

  7. re "I see far more interesting things on trams than I ever do on buses" ...
    the kids on the Chadstone Ventura route
    built a fire under the backseat before they got off.

    how interesting do you want?

  8. I think differently; I see Australia as an overcrowded place struggling to define itself amid a flurry of political disinterest.

  9. FGMS, I mean characters and behaviour and personalities, not arson.

    Reuben, overcrowded yes. Political disinterest, yes. Defining itself? Was it ever? Will it ever? I doubt it. Like most countries are, Aus is the sum of many parts. This can be both good and bad.

  10. I was on a tram this week, ok, that is not unusual.

    Ditto, but (in the interests of absolute accuracy) it was last week.

    Said tram hit a car near the Royal Melb Hospital. (NOT the tram driver's fault I hasten to add - and no human physical injury was involved)

    Obviously the tram was going to stay in situ for quite some time.

    What were we, the innocent bystander passengers told?

    "The trams on route 57 will be diverted through North Melbourne (the Maribrynong route I think) in both directions."

    Useful information? Well only if you were familiar with the area and the tram routes.

    What was missing from the message was, "What you have to do is (when the doors are eventually opened) get off the tram and wall down Flemington Road to the stop where the trams traveling via Nth Melb will reconnect you to Route 57."

    Man doing the announcement providing information should not have assumed people knew this, especially when many people traveling along Flem Rd. don't do it as part of their daily routine, but rather as an infrequent visit to the row of hospitals on that route.

    (Here endeth the grumble, but it was silly and inadequate.)

  11. LS, such announcements float over peoples heads. They don't normally hear them. They have to repeated three times at least for all to hear them, if you are a native English speaker and the person making the announcement doesn't have a heavy accent. Take out from that the ones who have buds in their ears and hear nothing.

    But you make a valid point. Announcements need to be very clear and contain a very precise alternative directive. The smart ones will work things out for themselves and the sheep will follow the leading sheep.

    I often hear delay announcements for St Kilda Road. There is never mention of the buses that run along St Kilda Road, a viable alternative.

  12. My goodness, that is the first time I have been poked since I left Facebook.

  13. Your luck has changed Victor.

  14. Your luck has changed Victor.

    Maybe, Andrew; after all it is Mardi Gras day.

  15. Ah yeah, happy Mardi Gras. Worth getting out and about to today for some people watching.