Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mardi Gras Wings

I took a flick through some online pics from Mardi Gras, which was held last weekend in Sydney. It seemed that next morning the streets were littered with fairy wings. Every second person must have been wearing them.

Lo and behold, what did I see in pics of our own Moomba Festival? More damn discarded fairy wings.

What is this bit of culture that I don't understand? Why discard them too? Single use only? Don't want to be seen on the train home to Blacktown/Croyden with wings?

Should I buy a set to be fashionable?


  1. Angels by night, Devils by day? You may see mor people around the next day with hons? LOL

    I think it is almost like the one shoe phenomenon, where hundreds of single shoes are found the day after a NYE festival..seriously weird!

  2. oh now that's a shame, i just gave my set of wings to my friends 3 year old daughter. For some reason someone gave me a set for my birthday last year. Maybe it was a hint of some sort!

  3. And daytime is when the much mischief would happen Cazzie.

    Can't really imagine what the hint might have been Fenz.

  4. "More damn discarded fairy wings."

    The local chav kids have probably been pulling them off.

  5. Gabriel says thanks and could you send them via express post?

  6. Quite likely Brian.

    Found another set Jayne. Guess what Little Jo had on last night before we took her to the park? Yep, wings, held together with a name tag. Sister said to take them off before going to the park. Would have anyway.

  7. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Well it was Mardi Gras and the place was full of fairies who then turn into party animals. Fairies are not known for being nocturnal. I would liken it to just like a snake shedding it's skin.

  8. Great analogy Sydney Anon.