Saturday, March 21, 2009

Staff Unwell

More than the committee members of any Owners' Corp need to know I think. This may or may not be the building I live in.

Good morning *,

I’ve been in contact with * last night as he has to go the doctors and then to the hospital late night as he was in lot of discomfort after his colonoscopy. He has been advice to rest for few days till his stomach settled in properly.

For the moment he will be absent for today and tomorrow, I will know further by Sunday and rely the information as it comes to me.


  1. What do privacy laws say about them giving out that level of information?

    But isn't manager going to be thrilled that the whole complex is aware of his medical issues?

    Why didn't they just say 'he is unwell'?

  2. I would think the laws would take a dim view of it. It was written by his boss to a committee member, who perhaps ill advisedly forwarded it to other committee members. So a total of around eight people have seen it. I am about to edit it slightly, but your comment will still be valid.

  3. Do please make sure that guy NEVER knows anything about your good self that you don't want broadcast to the world.
    I was horrified on behalf of Sonia, Lady McMahon, that The Herald-Sun was able to put her health privacy on page 3 when she looked absolutely dreadful.
    She would have been mortified, and I hope her Estate gets revenge on the horrid daughter who failed to organise a hair/make-up visit prior to the cameras.
    Does anybody want the viewing public to see them on a gurney after a disaster.?

  4. I missed that about Lady McMahon, or I have forgotten. I doubt anyone could confidently identify who I am talking about FG. But there is always chance I guess.

  5. lol oh the poor thing having an unsettled stomach after a colonoscopy! Nicely written note btw! There seems to be a trend lately of TMI. I get it in my job all the time, people ringing up to pay their accounts and explaining they were a day late because of this and this and this and this. I don't caaaaaaaaaare! :P

  6. Sounds like a whitewash to cover for something else. By stating the specific and no doubt discomforting procedure, nobody will ask questions. My bet is that it's a "story".

  7. TMI definitely Fenz. I can only imagine some of the calls.

    Your knowledge of such matters seems sound Rob. Why might that be? You are probably correct.

  8. Just lovely, is nothing sacred? :(

  9. For some people, it seems not Cazzie.