Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just another birthday

Someone's partner is having an extra special and significant birthday tomorrow. He might even be the age of a lass in the southern burbs I am kind of acquainted with. We are celebrating with a long lunch at a cafe with friends and family in Acland Street, St Kilda. The Bank said yes, of course you can have more money, so we are paying for twenty plus guests.

One gift already promised is the birthday cake.

It is in an upstairs function room.

It is also Mother's 75th birthday in a couple of days, so we have ordered a very nice cake for her and will celebrate her birthday too. The Bank is being very kind to us.

There will be thirty helium balloons floating around and we have to collect them in the morning. Wonder if they will fit in the car. I have a contingency plan. More money please Bank Person.

A mate called Dan supplied 1/2 a dozen decent bottles of champers to welcome the guests. You sure you aren't putting your share holders at risk Miss Bank Person? Booster seat for Little Jo. Help upstairs for the Brighton Antique Dealer and Mother arranged.

Oldest niece, daughter of Tradie brother and sis in law, and her b/f cannot attend. I think I may well have a sock drawer to tidy later in the year when it is her twenty first birthday party. Never really connected with her well. Not sure why. I suspect she will come into her own when she is bit older, as her mother did.

Finally Mrs Bank Person said no, no more money. Bah humbug. What is this word you are saying, budget? Bugger your budget nonsense Monsieur Bank Manager.

But I have not bought my life partner a gift, I plead. It needs to be nice, Madame Bank Person.

Mademoiselle Bank says she can refer me to her friend, who charges a bit more. How kind are these Bank places to keep giving me money?

And no questions asked, Master Bank pays. I suppose when you buy a very personal male present for someone, and you are of a certain age, judgments are made. I was leaving the shop when he called me back and asked if I would like it gift wrapped. R would have wrapped it better but nice sales bloke did a far better job than a non artistic person like me could have done.

Thanks for you help with all of the above Bank Man. What? There is some obligation now on my part? They get you in the nads everytime.


  1. "The Bank is being very kind to us."

    Don't worry...the government is bailing them out, although, by the sounds of things this one's going to cost the tax payer dearly.

  2. Please wish S's P many happy returns of the day.

    The gift looks beautiful - a carriage clock?

  3. Best wishes to all concerned, please, Andrew :)

  4. If guvs hold on to the assets for long enough, I reckon they might do ok.

    S's P FG? T'was R's big day.

    Thank you Jayne.

  5. Hope you all had a wonderful time Andrew :)

  6. Hectic Caz, but it was good.

  7. Let me guess, dehydrated boi, just add water.

    If that's me you're referring too, then R will be 59 for the next 20 years.

  8. A watch actually. I shall pass that info on.