Monday, March 30, 2009

Jim's Mowing

I thought the company Jim's Mowing was pretty good. I started to be concerned when I learned Jim was a born again christian. My personal issues aside, it is amusing how many Jim's franchise companies are around. I wish I had written them down when I saw a new one.

So we have Jim's Mowing.
Did I see Jim's Accounting?
Add some in comments and we may get a full list and I will add them to this post.

Thanks Ann.
Jim's Finance Professionals
Jim's Dogwash

Tony adds
Jim's Antennas

Cazzie adds Jim's Blinds

Brian adds a silly comment

TVAU directs us to the website. Why didn't I think of that?

Jayne uncharacteristically adds a sarky comment.

Andy self promotes his own vulgar sense of humour.

And I cut and paste from Jim's website.

Jim’s Antennas Jim's Bin Cleaning Jim's Blind Cleaning Jim's Bookkeeping
Jim's Building Maintenance Jim's Carpet Cleaning Jim's Car Cleaning Jim's Cleaning
Jim's Computer Services Jim's Dog Wash Jim's Fencing Jim's Finance Professionals
Jim's Floors Jim's Mowing Jim's Painting Jim's Paving
Jim's Pergolas Jim's Plumbing Jim's Pool Care Jim's Pressure Cleaning
Jim's Roofing Jim's Skip Bins Jim's Test and Tag Jim's Trees
Jim's Window Cleaning Jim's Windscreens


  1. There is Jim's Finance Professionals and Jim's Dogwash
    which reminds me of the great ripoff scene in Very Small Business when the Kim Gyngell character could not go through with ripping off the retired couple of all their superannuation ... ah! rip-off that's the word.

  2. Jim's Antennas too, but don't call them to ask for a price, they won't even give an indication over the phone.

  3. Jim's blinds :) Or is that Jim is blind? Haha!


    I had no idea Jim was so multi-skilled!! Where is this going to end?

  5. It's Jim's attempt to take over the world, one lawn and dirty dog at a time!

  6. Pfft, been covered before:

  7. That Jim is a busy guy. Whatever will he do next?

  8. Be afraid Daisy. Have a look and the link from Andy B.

  9. What no Jim's Bimbos or Jim's Bois?
    The man's missing a chunk of market there.

  10. I reckon so Jahteh. It probably goes against his christian principles, but since it would make mega bucks, I reckon he would overlook any moral issues.

  11. I have a real "JIM" - he is mid seventies and lops my trees when I need them done. he also dug a huge hole for my lovely doggie, and dug it deep and straight sided - with the dirt on one side (thinnk he's done this before??) came all the way out of town to do it, helped us carry the doggie and helped lower him...and charged only $10 but only after I insisted on at least covering pertrol...and he is not any sort of a Christian...just a gentleman Jim.

  12. He sounds magic MC. He does the kind of thing my late stepfather did at very cheap prices.