Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's the economy stupid

I have been hoarding this, just waiting for the appropriate time to slip it into a post, but the occasion never seems to arise. I am sure it would be a great analogy at some point, but I will just spill the seed anyway, so to speak. The occasion has never risen.

When the clothes washing goes into the machine, who is responsible for tissues in the pockets? That is, is it the person who wears the garment or the person who does the washing?

Surely it must be the person who wears the garment is responsible for removing everything from their pockets. They are smart enough to remove their mobile phone I would reckon.

Do they want their garment spoiled by being covered in tissue if their garment is washed and they have left tissues in the pocket?

Washing does not tend to work on an individual garment manner, so all washing will be spoiled.

It is only a fool who washes clothes without checking first that there are no tissues in the pockets.

Hey, I can use it.

The world seems to full of washer people who have not checked for tissues in pockets.


  1. What happens if said washer person is a free loadier who sticks their clothes into other people's machines and ruins their washing as well?

  2. Your clothes = your responsibility. No way would I be fishing around in someone else's pockets!

  3. Yes. wot Rob said.
    I use proper handkerchiefs.

    Handy Home Hint No.38
    For some weird-science reason,
    putting vinegar* in the rinse cycle
    gets the lint off clothes.

    *white, or household cleaning vinegar.

  4. Brian, if I find your red undies mixed with my whites in my Fisher and Paykel, murder will follow.

    Rob and Ann, the consequences of someone's tissue in the washing will be that all your clothes are covered in tissue too. Then when you shake it off, you will have to vacuum the floor. The dryer filter will quickly clog. Believe me, if you take on the task of washing other peoples clothes, you WILL check the pockets.

    #38 noted for future Ann.

  5. Andrew,

    No red undies. Prefer to go commando. Although I do occasionally don a union jack boxer shorts.

  6. Can I take this moment to point out that tissues in pockets are usually USED, so there's a Typhoid Mary of the laundry sharing the lurgies with the world!
    White vinegar, small amount, replaces fabric softener, too.

  7. It doesn't matter how much you check the washing, there's always the one tissue that only becomes visible when in contact with water.

  8. Red undies - commando - union jack boxer shorts.

    Sounds like a raunchy pr0n movie straight from the files of Highriser.

  9. ize not cleaning anyone elses clothes, so it's my responsibility! I live with boys and boys smell!! ;)

  10. I am good Jahteh. A few years now of tissue free washing. Union Jack boxers, haha. Not exactly wearing your patriotism on your sleeve.

    I thought they stopped smelling by the age of eighteen Fenz. Evidently not.

  11. Jayne, so that is why they need to be removed, with gloves if necessary. Bugger your natural stuffs. I want chemicals.

  12. I am the washer, most of the time. I am the pocket checker, hate it, but I do it. Sometimes the kids chuck clothes in the wash machine while it is filling up, and they have not checked their pockets..gah! I washed Nick's Yugi Oh cards the other day, they were in his hoodie pocket. He went crook at me, and I said he ought to have checked his pockets before he placed it in the machine.
    It is not dissimilar to the analogy I use when I explain things to Tomas now. I say, "Don't forget to remove the spoon from the sink".
    You know, when you go to rinse the dishes and a spoon is upright in the sink..and then you turn on the tap and the water comes out the faucett straight into the spoon and you get all wet and your clothes get dirty with the morning cereal? Well, I use that analogy with the kids.. remove the spoon from the sink and things will then be ok. Same with anything in life, check first then proceed.
    Ah, what am I rambling about? I am still in night duty mode yet it is my night off work Andrew :(
    The house is asleep, all happy because it was Mia's birthday and we had a splendid time driving in the new wheels along the beach. We played in the sand, watched (the gorgeous bodied) kite surfers do their tricks, had ice cream and cake, and just chilled.

  13. Andrew,

    I'd say I was wearing my patriotism exactly where it deserves to be worn.

  14. Spoon in the sink Cazzie, it seemed so obvious once I read about it. Sounds like a great day. It doesn't have to cost a lot to have a nice time.

    How about just a pinch of pride then Brian?