Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family TV

As if it wasn't bad enough that Sister was on some hideous morning tv show, pouncing about on Mount Whistler in Canada, now ABI Brother has been on a appalling current affairs show. Mother used to embarrass me when I was a teen and my family continue to do so.

The story goes back a bit, but it only all became clear to me this week.

A couple of months ago ABI Brother was set to participate in some meet up of lonely and womenless guys in Nar Nar Goon with some lonely and menless women from a town in coastal country NSW. I felt a bit bad for him. He is setting himself up to fail, but as I could not see any immediate financial disadvantage to him, there was no need for Big Brother to intervene.

The whole business reached a crescendo the week before last when ABI Brother went for the final meet with said lasses. He was plied with beer, he does not usually drink, and ended up a bit messy. A mate gave him a lift home, but he left his keys in the mates car.

At 1.30 am, he was knocking on Mother's door to get his spare keys. He had walked the two kilometres plus from his house to Mother's. Mother, sleepy and somewhat confused, found the keys. She told him to call her back once he got home. No call came.

After an hour, Mother called the police who set off to look for him. They reported back to Mother that they had slowly driven the route he would walk home and did not see him. Ten minutes later he turned up back at Mother's, complaining that she had given him the wrong keys. She hadn't. He was drunk. That makes to me that he had walked six kilometres plus in the early hours of the morning.

Mother called off the police and told ABI Brother to get into the spare bed and she would speak to him in the morning. She readily admits that she should have told him this in the first place, but she had woken from a sound sleep and wasn't thinking clearly.

ABI Brother called this week and it all became clear. He said, look out for me on the channel 7 Sunday night current affairs show. I will get $2000 for every minute I am on screen.

Given they had plied him with beer, and because of his ABI, I wasn't looking forward to seeing the show. I was sure they would take advantage of him. However, he aquitted himself well enough among the embarrassments of blokes. Well, actually one wasn't too shabby, the one with the facial piercing. I would not mind seeing what he had under his moleskins so long as he kept his mouth shut and I did not have to hear his vowel sounds. Actually, that could work for me in a weird way.

During ABI Brother's recovery at the Transport Rehab place, they did excellent work by restoring him back into a functioning member of the community, but they may have pressed the need for easy money a little too hard, or at least the need to earn money.

I think he enjoyed being bad and irresponsibly drunk and making Mother worry. I think he enjoyed the whole experience and he seems to have earned a zac or two.

Mid year he is off on an overseas package holdiday with sporting mates. It seems to combine cricket at Lords, County Cricket and Gallipoli. The cost is about $8,000, but absolutely everything is paid for. If your interests are in any of those directions, it doesn't sound too bad. Perhaps the money he earned tonight is to pay for eastern European prostitutes or similar. Nah, more likely for nice gifts to bring back to family in Aus.


  1. That's all very interesting but I can't for the life of me work out what ABI stands for.

  2. Then it is best to consult the cast list. Younger brother, has an acquired brain injury ABI

  3. I was going to suggest to dear Hughsie that he has not been paying attention here ...

    Alcohol is very very evil.
    Just lately, and even last night, I am seeing how badly it effects situations. that is all.

    exactly what gift would you like to be brought from Europe ?

  4. I am surprised anyone remembers a quarter of what I write Ann. Sadly what I want won't fit in a suitcase, but something Spanish would be nice....or maybe from the Netherlands.

  5. ... from Spain, I would like Juan Cortez. Ole.

  6. Alcohol is completely unnecessary
    *says the tea addict*
    Hope he has a great time, Andrew, always wanted to visit Lords but I shall just wave to it from afar ;)

  7. Muso FGMS? Had to google him. Sorry, he does not work for me.

    Like many things English Jayne, I am sure Lords is quite small. Truly, I am not having a go at Brian. I think it will be a good holiday for him.