Monday, March 30, 2009

Emerald Park Lake

How nice is Emerald Park Lake, or as I discussed elsewhere with someone, Lake Treganowan. Was it you Cazzie?

It did not take me long to work out why I like it so much. Amid the Australian bush is a park with a lake, lots of birds, a Puffing Billy railway station, green grass, paddle boats on the lake, but best of all, it is very heavily planted with exotic trees. Poplars, elms, oaks, liquid ambers, spruce and many other species with nary a gum tree in sight. While I love our Aussie bush, nothing can beat these large exotic trees to provide shade, cool and a sense of tranquility.

We had a family gathering there yesterday and it was a perfect day. We met Tradie Brother's girlfriend's teen age son for the first time. Not a bad kid but as the Bone Doctor said, he did not come across as a high achiever.

After a barbecue/picnic lunch, we took Little Jo to see her first steam train. We missed its arrival but it sat at the station for a while. She was fascintated by the sound of the steam train. She jumped a bit when the whistle blew. After five minutes or so, it started off to Gembrook. We waved to all the passengers and many waved back. Just a curiousity here. Online Melways is not working so I checked a detail on Google Maps and according to Google, the train terminates at Emeral Lake. It used to but for quite some time it has been extended to Gembrook via Cockatoo. Google Maps still shows a tram track running into the long demolished South Melbourne Tram Depot, so they don't have a good history with shiny steel rails.

Some, not me because I know it is hard work, decided to have a go on the peddle boats. Tradie Brother and his girlfriend took to one boat, and Bone Doctor and Mother took to another. Of course with much hilarity Mother almost fell in the water as she got into the boat. She found somewhere to prop her feet and let the super fit Bone Doctor do all the work. They raced Tradie Brother for the length of the lake and given only one was pedalling in one boat, Bone Doctor kept up well.

The beautiful early Autumn light was starting to dull, so time to leave and take Mother home.

While the Puffing Billy engine looks relaxed, there was a fierce fire in its boiler fire box, getting ready for the steep climb up from the lake.

This is the only real long shot I took of Emerald Lake Park. Tradie Brother and his girlfriend are heading out to the middle of the lake. Our picnic table was under the tree with the autumn colours.Mother and Bone Doctor set off from the wharf. Not sure why Mother is holding her hat as there was little breeze.


  1. Thomas The Tank Engine must have little kids really primed for loving Puffing Billy.
    The lake setting looks just lovely, and wow Pedalos! - you have been having a Big Ole Time lately ...

    "Come in No 67, your time is up!"

  2. "I love our Aussie bush..."

    Now there's a phrase I never thought I'd hear coming from you, Andrew.

  3. That's creepy I was at Emerald Park Lake yesterday as well. A bit latter in the afternoon than you I think, about 4pm. We watched Puffing Billy depart (and waved) towards Belgrave then went for a bit of a walk by the lake and back to the car. After leaving about 15 minutes after the train we had already overtaken it at Emerald station. I had forgotten what slow trip it was. I really need to go for a trip one day...

    I've noticed that google maps are using quite an old data set for their railways in Victoria. Roads and cadastral boundaries are constantly updated though, particularly roads.

  4. Pedalos is the word then Ann? Fine. I did not know. Little Jo hasn't been exposed to Thomas.....yet.There were some barked out orders, but it was not so busy, so no orders to come in.

    Our Aussie bush perhaps does not have immediate appeal Brian, and there are huge variations on what it can be, but generally, yes, I do like it. Yes, I could have gone down the road of double meaning.

    Little connections such as that Ben make posting quite worth while. We left at 4.30. We could hear the train in the distance. It is slow, which is why I prefer to watch steam trains, rather than ride on them. Melways only seem to update online when a new edition comes out.

  5. Absolutely magic isn't it Andrew? It has been weather to celebrate our gorgeous parks hasn't it? Great pictures :)

  6. Love watching Puffing Billy at Belgrave station, travelled on it once to Menzies Creek and broke the bank lol but twas grand fun :)

  7. Thanks Cazzie. It is a great time of the year.

    We enjoyed watching it at Belgrave too Jayne. Belgrave
    A little ride on Puffing Billy goes a long way.

  8. Your previously unknown bluestone building at the back of Safeway carpark is a restaurant called Belgrave Manor Earthly Pleasures ;)
    Monbulk and Olinda aren't too bad to have a quick look-see around ;)

  9. I like all of the Dandenongs Jayne.Interesting, a restaurant now. I did find out some history of the bluestone building and wrote a subsequent post here.

  10. Ahhh!
    It does have one of those blue heritage plaques out the front of it now, probably explaining what you wrote, but I haven't had the time (or the eyeballs) to read the fine writing.
    I think it was a B&B a couple of years ago, too.

  11. Actually Jayne, it was our friend who lives in South Oakleigh who told me about it. He grew up in the area. I think it might have been a B&B when we saw it.

  12. I love the liquid amber trees. Don had some planted in our old house but not cold enough for the brilliant colours...look at the light on the water...looks so good.

    Autumn is my favourite

  13. MC, The Dandenongs are ideal for them. Even so, some seem to colour better than others. I have seen one that just went yellow next to one with brilliant colours. We had a small one in the past and it always coloured up really well. Maybe like the animal world, it is a male/female thing.