Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Dark Sin City

Sydney suffered a major loss of electricity yesterday.

It was not, as often it is, a contractor cutting a cable. A defensive government spokesperson or Minister tells us the cause is not a maintenance issue, nor is it aging infrastructure.

It must be an act of god then.


  1. I think the aging infrastructure and the privatisation that's seen maintenance cut back is a time bomb

  2. Could have been Greenpeace with a big pair of pliers. Or possibly Christopher Biggins needed to divert the power to his microwave.

  3. For sure Loz. Someone is going to pay a big price sooner or later.

    Ok Brian. Why would Biggins do that?

  4. I blame God too. If cause A is not responsible, cause B must take the blame by default (whoever said atheists were logical?)

  5. Of course its an act of God...he can't be sued. We have had about 6 blackouts in two days because of the flooding but also because of LACK OF LINE MAINTENANCE and cost cutting which becomes evident when there is an actually act of GOD and puts stress on the system. DUH!

  6. We all know where the blame lies Reuben.

    Yep MC. Under normal circumstances, things tend to work, but when they go wrong, that is where the cost cutting shows up. The number of staff to cover maintenance of essential services is absurdly low.