Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Connecting the Empire

I know many people from the sub continent. Most have some anglo blood. One thing we agree on is that things in Empire countries started to go bad once our Mother England bolted or was booted out.

Right or wrong, mothers are supposed to love their children forever. I feel a bit hurt. Yes we are rejecting you, but show us your stick!

We in many Empire countries have something that connects us. That ever so boring game known as cricket. The only thing that saves it, is the characters who play the game and its international aspects. Sorry Russ.

From islands of the West Indies, to England, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the greatest cricketing nation in the world, Australia, we all have this common and uniting thread. Above politics, poverty and corruption, the best of all nations will succeed in life if they are good at the gentlemens' game.

I thought Warne's dislike of curried food and his preference for baked beans might have destroyed the special connection, but no, it took a bit more.

It would seem militant Moslems in Pakistan shot up their bros from Sri Lanka. Kind of spoils the special connection that we such diverse nations have.

Just not cricket chaps.


  1. I am absolutely mortified at what happened. Grwoing up in the 70's, loving the Marsh's and Lill-eeeee going to every game.. I still keep tabs on cricket at a distance. No one wants this violence. Let's hope the people responsible hear the World roar against it.

  2. Gosh you are a fast chick Cazzie. Your comment came through in a minute or so after I published the post. I think I have done my bit of roaring against it. You too with your comment.

  3. totally shocking stuff. I'm surprised and extremely glad the umpires got away as lightly as they did. Must have been very harrowing for all involved.

    This violence in the world makes me quite angry and sad.

  4. Haha Fenz, the umpires. That really would be below the belt. I feel no anger, only sadness.

  5. "We in many Empire countries have something that connects us."

    Rolf Harris.

  6. Brian, not sure that Rolf would be well known in Chennai. Not sure that he is well known in Australia by people of an age less than thirty.

  7. Gutless bastard pricks, firing on unarmed blokes.
    Take the c***s out the back and let the cricketers show 'em how they use a cricket bat.

  8. Good note: Pakistan might just come to the "terrorism is a problem not to be ignored or concealed" table. Let's hope they do, even though the price has been far too high.

  9. Succinctly put Jayne.

    Rob, it is only recently that I have realised that Pakistan is un-governable by our standards. The central government just cannot control the country. But the army could. Sit back and wait for the coup.