Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Car Dashboard

Some time ago there was a request for dashboard pics of the new car, Mazda 3 Maxx Sport, and eventually, here they are. They were taken in the carpark, so it was a bit dark.

Not my car. I don't listen to 1278 on the AM dial. You can easily see why I had problems trying to get the clock to read PM.

It looks very pretty all lit up.


  1. "...there was a request for dashboard pics of the new car..."

    And people laugh at me because I like archaeology.

  2. Brian, please don't mention in my blog that you may be more than a shallow commenter.

  3. They were taking images of Mazda 3cars out front of the Melbourne Museum this afternoon. I wonder what magazine they will feature in?

  4. Curious Cazzie. I don't think they need much advertising. Top selling car in January and a respectable second in Feb.