Friday, March 20, 2009

I don't understand

Our state government pays champ golfer Tiger Woods somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million dollars to come to Australia to play. This is just so wrong on so many levels. Does Tiger Woods hate the idea of coming to Australia so much that he needs a $3 million encouragement. Would seem so. Bugger orf Woods. (I might just see if there is a forum on his website. Oh, there is. I might just post something there. Oh, I did. Maybe there will be some advice to him from his PR people to make some nice noises towards Aussie. Oh, he has.)

Barwon Heads bridge is to be restored, but with a 'lovely' concrete bridge next to it to carry cars. A new or fix up project for the Barwon Heads bridge was supposed to happen in our Bi Centennial year of 1988. There has been a lot of planning going into it, it would seem. The end result, two bridges. Result, no one is happy. The money that has been wasted could have fixed up the original bridge umpteen times over.

Our state government pays Grand Prix big boss Bernie Ecclestone something like $45 million to stage a car race that I hate because it causes me much inconvenience. Not too many people who live in the area like our local Albert Park turned into a car racing track. I really hope it will be a miserable failure.

Our state government has commissioned a new ticket system for public transport. You think the present one is bad, and it is, wait for the next.

Our state government is 'concerned' about the fudging of figures in public hospitals. Given that if the hospitals don't meet turnover targets and so they will have their budgets reduced.............ah duh. More money, not less, and good on them for fudging figures and making sure they don't end up with less money because they have not met targets. My workplace doctors figures for public consumption all the time.

Our state government is 'addressing' road traffic congestion and public transport congestion. All I see is a lot of botheration. Will the magic day arrive when our state government has fixed these problems?

Our state government is working on the water shortage. Holding my breath, not. A drought in Australia. How odd!

Our state government says Docklands is not working. No surprise there. Sometimes we have perfect weather in Melbourne when Docklands might seem to be nice, but that is rare. Mostly it will be a hot north wind or a freezing southerly chill. I have tried very hard with Docklands, and it is crap.

Gee, there is an awful lot of state government above. Best have a go at the Feds too while I am in the mood.

Climate change? Look to how well Germany has done. They did not wait for the 'rest of the world to get onboard'.

First world countries can no long compete in manufacturing, we are told. Again, look at how well Germany has done, along with the place wherever Nokia HQ is located.

I regret campaigning for an independent East Timor. They would be better off accepting Indonesian rule. Like we need another broke tin pot corrupt country near us?

Does it please me that under PM Rudd, we are now closer to arguably the most corrupt country in the world, Indonesia?

If I hear the word alchopops once more, I will take up meditation...or perhaps medication. What a lot of nonsense.

Now, what is for lunch? Sour cream and lemon juice. Lovely.


  1. My blood boiled when I heard they were paying for Tiger bloomin' Woods to comne over God! All the Bushfire appeal stuff being done, all the fund raising we do for other more important things in this country and there is the audacity to put that sort of money for this event!
    Forget it, we don't want Tiger Woods here... pay you and I the dosh and we too can whack a ball with a stick and who cres how many times it takes us to get it in the hole..we will entertain millions on telly trying to do it! Golf clap everyone! Yayyyy!!!

  2. I'm so sick and tired of the bloody govt investing all our money into bloody sport, sport, sport and more bloody sport...with the occasionally over-paid CEO of a hospital network getting a bonus for doing sweet FA.
    Bob Jelly from Seachange got the bridge blown up in the end, didn't he? (or shall I now be deemed a terrorist for mentioning that episode online?! Hello Conroy!)
    And Tiger Woods can bugger off and stay there.

  3. OK, that's Cazzie, Jayne, Andrew and me,
    against Them.
    Tiger must make about US$200 Hundred Million from endorsements alone, and we don't need him in Melbourne, showering with water we need for Plant Life.
    or the GP mob, oh and your
    "Grand Prix big boss Bernie Ecclestone "
    the man is a munchkin. munchkin!

  4. I have to ask, how would the taxpayer's money be better spent? Three million to encourage Tiger Woods in, or three million to get rid of Rolf Harris?

  5. [rhetorical] And has there ever been a legitimate evaluation of the alleged financial benefit? [/rhetorical]

    If there were to be a legitimate evaluation then you'd have to know what the outlays are.

    But in the case of that dwarf Bernie 'Gollum' Ecclestone we don't have a clue.

    "The Age can reveal that this year Victorian taxpayers will part with $47 million, simply for the privilege of hosting his car race.

    Repeated questioning of Premier John Brumby and minister for major events Tim Holding have elicited only the response that the figure is “commercial-in-confidence”.

    Such is the secrecy regarding the fee paid to Mr Ecclestone, a freedom-of-information request by The Age discovered that even during negotiations over a new race contract between Australian Grand Prix chairman Ron Walker and Mr Ecclestone, who count each other as friends, not a single piece of correspondence was sent between Mr Walker and the Premier, or his department."

    A pox on them all.

  6. P.S. You and me Shirl are old enough to have seen all of this hanky-panky thimble and pea trick before.

    John Bjelke-Brumby is alive and well in Victoria.

    If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas, but if you lie down with Bernie, you get up fleeced. (Well we, the innocent bystander taxpayers do.)

  7. a pox on 'em all and the Maclaren they arrived in.

  8. Can imagine what he said Cazzie. 'Oh, all that bloody way in an air plane. They better pay me well'. I reckon we could entertain everyone Cazzie. Now which end of the stick do I use? Ladies first. No Cazzie, it is not a cricket bat.

    Jayne, you are smart. Why is it so hard to rebuild a bridge?

    Yes LS. I don't know why I bother. I don't know why you bother. You for your grand daughter, me for my niece. We may get the chance to explain to them what commercial in confidence meant. We will just have to say sorry 'bout that.

    Indeed FGMS. I am trying to think of anything good about GP, and I cannot.

  9. Anonymous9:22 am

    I completely agree, Andrew. If it were up to me, I'd remove any wasted funding and pour it where it's needed: emergency services and public transport.

  10. Not being in Voctoria I hear a lot of this from my daughter who also lives in high rise and overlooks Albert Park...she's been telling me about the milatary helicopters who seem to be going over at night in total darkness...she's on the top floor and the whole air thing freaks her a bit...when I speak with her on the phone when the races are on I can't hear her for the noise unless she shuts the flat up...

    Victoria and Australia need to keep all public money for the times ahead not blow it on trivia.

  11. Good Reuben. This 'generates money' is like global trade. Nothing generates money except printing presses.

    Hi Middle Child. I have managed to miss the helicopters bar once and I thought they were something to do with Moomba. The noise is intolerable if you have a window or door open. A nanna nap must be perfectly timed by using the program guide. But the races are fairly brief. I get more annoyed about the prolonged set up and dismantle, the disruptions to traffic and public transport, the effect on lake wildlife and the fact that I cannot just walk to the park.