Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where are my glasses and the prize Dawns

It would be a lot easier if I just wore a rope around my neck. Instead I have spectacles spread all over the apartment. This system works reasonably well, although it is not unknown for three pair to end up in my bathroom.

This pair sits very discreetly on the window side of the armchair. Used for reading, often the tv guide and when I need to read a remote control to operate a function I am not used to using.

Sitting upon my book prize from the marvellous Ann O'Dyne and next to my bed are the specs that I use most. They travel with me all the time top in my top pocket. Only useful for reading for up to about half a metre.

The tech specs. Well, tech because they are weaker than the others and essential for reading what is on the computer monitor. Also used at galleries for looking at works of art up to a distance of about two metres.

The bathroom specs. Nice big lenses and you really don't want me to list all the things that the bathroom glasses are used for.


  1. Thinking about it, I wish I had more than one pair of sun glasses... I forget to take them with me when I work night shift. Of course, I do not need them when I leave for work,..but driving home, oh-boy I sure do need them.
    Bathroom glasses... I could do with a pair of them also, with magnification on them.. plucking facial hair... you know!

  2. Anonymous2:22 am

    "The bathroom specs. Nice big lenses and you really don't want me to list all the things that the bathroom glasses are used for."

    So you can find your willie with them?

  3. I have one pair of specs next to the bed (for pre-sonambulistic reading), one pair in my rucksack (for excavation records), one pair next to the computer (for obvious reasons), one pair in the lounge (just in case), one pair in the bookcase (because it makes sense), one pair on the shelf next to the microwave (for cooking instructions), one pair in my top coat pocket (because you never know), and one pair in the bog so that I can read Private Eye rather than mistaking it for the extra absorbant stuff.

    And I still end up having to borrow Michelle's because I can't find mine.

  4. Cazzie, get a cheap pair and leave them in the car.

    Lol Anon. Did it take long to think that up?

    I was much the same Brian, but I am getting much better at keeping control of spectacles.

  5. Love that book, currently dipping into it.
    My daughter devoured in within 2 days, loved it, too.
    Must get another pair of specs, these ones are rather tatty.

  6. Andrew I can't think of a single thing I'd want bathroom specs for. The less I see of my own horrible disfigurement the better, if you're lucky enough not to suffer this problem, then good on you!

  7. A friend asked me the other day why I didn't have laser surgery to correct my vision. The thought gives me the horrors since everything I do is vision oriented.

    That said, I could make you a very nice beaded chain for hanging the glasses around your neck but I wouldn't want you to look like a queen.

  8. Your specs must be seriously strong Jayne.

    Should I ask Mutant? I have never seen any evidence.

    I would jump at it Jahteh, if surgery was any help to me. It isn't appropriate for me.

  9. Up there for thinkin' Andrew, I will do just that, buy a cheap pair for the car :)

  10. And goes without saying Caz, have a gorgeous pair to wear at other times.

  11. Ironic that you have so many spectacles in the bathroom when you think of all those teenage activities you engaged in there that weakened your eyesight so much.


  12. Quite so Victor but my palms remain hair free. My eyes are bad but my prostate gland is very healthy. I am just following medical advice.