Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Melbourne Public Transport Works

Connex must be terribly pleased about the fires. Well, a little bit anyway. Taken them off the front page of the papers. I am sure they would have preferred some other distraction. A private company can have a heart can't it?

I haven't counted up the number of trains trams and buses I was on today, but it was a few. How is this for excellent. Left Sister's at 1.05 after feeding the cat. Caught 822 bus along Murrumbeena Road at 1.09. (I had checked the times in advance as it is a 30 minute service) Catch connecting train at Murrumbeena Station at 1.13. Arrive Flinders Street Station. 1.35. Depart 1.39. Alight Parliament Station maybe ten minutes later. Why does the Loop never go in the direction I want? No matter, the train was cool and I was engrossed in yesterday's newspaper. Catch 96 in Nicholson Street ( I exited the wrong exit at the station) for one stop, then swapped onto the 86 behind. Alighted Gertrude and Brunswick Street and caught 112 tram in less than a minute for two stops and I am outside my hair cutter at 2.00. Subtract ten minutes if the train went in the opposite direction in the loop and I exited the correct exit, would have been maybe 1.50 or less.

By jove that it is good.

It was just as good getting back home. What is the rattly old W tram doing in Brunswick Street? I have no idea, but it was showing route 35 (City Circle route) and City, and it took me to where I wanted to go in town. I waited for five minutes for a tram home, only because I rejected the first two as they did not have air con and the next two turned off before home and the next because it was too busy. The air con tram to Camberwell did very nicely for me.

C'mon Andrew, when have you ever been so positive and praising.

Ok, there was a negative. We were going to a restaurant in St Kilda for dinner and we were going to catch the tram, but after checking tram tracker on the net, it gave a message of service disruption. So far as I could see as we drove there in the car, there was no disruption. R fumed over the cost of the parking. Now he knows why my preferred choice of transport to St Kilda is the tram.


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    You must have been hallucinating.

  2. Nope Reuben. I always check in advance. Driving in my car was a considered option.

  3. "Left Sister's at 1.05 after feeding the cat."

    You still haven't said what to. (Still doesn't work as humour, I know, but then again neither does Little Britain and they're still producing that.)

  4. I am stumped for an answer Brian. I will divert your attention elsewhere by saying the pussy was lonely and I gave quite a bit of stroking.

  5. Good Lord, poor Mollie Sugden would be spinning in her grave....if she wasn't alive and healthy somewhere in Britain.

  6. I completely agree with Jayne...and I am unanimous in that.

  7. Jayne, you reckon Brian has seen episodes of Number 96 and is quoting Dorrie Evans?

  8. My mind boggles at the thought of attempting the trip/connections in Sydney involving four lots of public transport as you describe in that first journey.

    A packed lunch would only be the start of it; bedding and a toothbrush for the next day's ablutions would also be advisable.

  9. My city Victor. I know how public transport works here. I have been using it for a long time. Trams are a bit of bonus though. But you in a privileged area should not have such a problem? Eastern subs railway and a good network of buses that essentially follow old tram routes. I bet you can easily get a bus to an Eastern subs train station and go to Bondi Junction.