Thursday, February 19, 2009


A post on Twitter is called a Tweet. How Twee. I have been a member for over a week, and I just do not find it of any interest to me. From my observations, it can be very useful when disasters happen, such as our fires, but it could be easily replaced by a good website. I think Twitter perhaps has a place on the internet. I am just not sure where or more saliently, why? Do point out to me where Twitter succeeds and the your basic internet does not?


  1. Anonymous12:31 am

    It makes a good retard parodying device though:

  2. I don't even know what twitter is, but it sounds like another good site for all the birdbrains.

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hey Andrew, don't be so quick to give up on Twitter.

    I signed up and started using it a couple of months ago when I noticed several bloggers and news agencies were using it.

    So, as I publish four blogs I decided to use it to promote diferent postings.

    Now granted you probable only have the one blog, but it is a great way to promote.

    What you should decide is are you going to use Twitter to "play" or promote your blog.

    If you chose the latter put a feed in your right hand column for all to see, don't bury it towards the bottom.

    And if you use it for just the blog, after a while some folks will subsribe to it.

    Although you're in Australia it may still work this way for you.

    Besides having regular folks picking up the feed, I have CNN, MSNBC, my local newspaper and a news radio station in New York City taking the feed.

    You never know, one day you may happen to post the right subject and boom, if only for a day you readership will go up.

    I still learning all the tricks of the trade to get readers, but I have more now than before Twitter.

    And in case you're wondering, I pickup your blog feed on my blog LGBT Rainbow Links.

    Lyndon Evans
    Artlyn Entertainment

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I'm not totally ignorant, sorry for the spelling mistakes in the other post.

    I was typing fast and watching CNN at the same time.

    Guess I can't muli-task, but give Twitter a chance for your blog.


  5. it's a good tool for stalking people, much like faceache!

  6. That is funny Reuben.

    Becoming increasingly popular Brian.

    Thanks for the comment Lyndon. More blog readers is a good thing I suppose, but my hands are pretty full keeping up with the ones I like already. I have been thinking about adding it to my blog. I might just watch for a while.

    Knowing when they online at least Fenz.

  7. I joined Twitter then have have never used it. Can't even recall what user name I took.

  8. My favourite new website is called The Friggin Loon. You will find it on my blogroll. I lvoe it, it puts a new spin on up to date current affairs. It even makes me laugh..that has got to be good right?

  9. Must be variation of Sydney Sex Pig surely Victor?

    On hold for a good look tomorrow Cazzie.