Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sunday Part 2

Is if a party the night before and getting mixed up in Chinese New Year celebrations weren't enough on the noise count, we gluttons for punishment went off in the afternoon to the Gay Pride March, held along Fitzroy Street St Kilda, with celebrations later in the Catani Gardens.

A friend who we were going to meet up with arrived at Fitzroy Street at 3.30 and called to find out where we were. The march started at 5.00 and that was the time we intended to be there. He sulked and went home, seeming to blame us for his error.

We decided to stay only for the parade and to cheer Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo as they marched with the Rainbow Families group. We saw them briefly before the march and almost missed them in the march. They too headed off home as soon as the parade finished.

What is it about Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon? I have never heard anyone receive such heart felt applause as she did as she led a group of perhaps forty police, preceded by the police pipe band. She warmly greeted everyone back. When she marched a few years ago after taking up the role of CC, she was cheered, but this time there was a real warmth about the interaction.

We forgot our water bottles, so in the bit of time before the march, we slipped into the IGA to get drinks. Oh, alcohol, I spied. We bought a can of vodka and citrus each, and sat on a stone wall to drink them. Along comes the husband of an ex workmate of R's who lives near us. His reddened face convinced me that as he is married, he can't possibly be gay. Daughter, he stammered. Just around the corner. Lives in a flat. Bringing her a fan. Just wondering what the fuss is about. Yeah, ok.

Then a familiar face walked by, body attached Brian before you jump in. Looks like Reuben. Can't be. Hair is not quite right. Surely he would not spoil his north side cred by visiting south of the river. But it was said Reuben and he marched in the parade. Good on him. I don't think he was in the Prostitutes Collective group, but not 100% sure.

Ok, I did only think it was Reuben. If I was sure, I would have said hello. Confirmed later.

So, as the parade finished, we headed for the tram home against the tide of people who were heading to the entertainments in the Catani Gardens.

This was all the photo we got of Little Jo.

I have taken plenty of photos other years, so I did not bother much this time. Here is the Police Pipe Band approaching where we were standing.


  1. Anonymous3:22 pm

    I was with the NUS. With Kath and Aviva. It was sweltering.

  2. (Cue Lady Bracknell voice.)

    "AN PIPE BAND!! AN PIPE BAND?!?! Back in my day they were called Scotchies!!!"

  3. Rainbow Families is such thrilling progress from The Dark Ages of recent history.

    Lady Bracknell:

    "To play one BAGpipe is unfortunate,
    but playing two BAGpipes is just carelessness."

    and don't call me Scotchie.

  4. Slinks off trumped.

    (But I only concede to blood relatives.)

    Any one for another game of Euchre. (Stop injokingly smirking AnnieOdyne.)

  5. Yayy for little Jo, she is a little star. Her profile in the pic when you first look at it would be nice as a hand painting on the top of a hat box or a jewellry box.
    Christine Nixon does enjoy the march, I have had it said to me by friends who attend every year. Good on her I say!

  6. I wonder if Feral Queen got any happy snaps of Reuben and Kath?
    I shall trot through the hundreds she promised she took.
    The Police Pipeband (technically) should have been wearing traditional Highland dress....but, had there been a wild wind giving every boi heart palpitations I'm sure we' have read it in The Hun.

  7. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Ooh, our first blog almost-meet up!

    I still think it was an inspired decision for Christine Nixon to march with Vic Pol. Am very proud of her. (said she proprietorially).

  8. Yep, very hot Reuben. It was ok until the sun came out.

    I love couses trying to outdo each other.

    Yep Cazzie, minus the bits of parental bodies.

    How do you know they weren't Jayne?

    Ok, interesting thing to say MD. (imagination working feverishly)

  9. "but, had there been a wild wind"

    Jeez Jayne, had Christine been 'going commando' the heart palpitittipations would have given this lad's dicky ticker a right working over.

    And you would have read it in The Hun. (In the Death, Funeral and In Memorium columns.)

    In the vaguely approximate words of Robert Gordon Menzies, "I did but see her marching by, but I will love her 'til I die." (Mission accomplished.)

  10. Since his brush with the television news crews, you'll find Reuben marching wherever there's a televised event nowadays...the boy's a shameless media whore, I tell ya'.

  11. Brian, call it carving an activist profile. I expect he was at today's demo at State Parliament. Thank someone that there are people like him around to rock the boat and thinking of the future, while we wallow in the past. Now, is the weather there as bad as in London?

  12. Andrew,

    Snow, followed by several all too brief moments of sunshine, followed by more snow. Pretty much like summer as well really.

  13. People who feel they have to explain being at a public event invite speculation about themselves.

  14. Coz my peeps at ground zero tell me the Jocks were packin' jocks, Andrew.
    Though there may have been socks packed, too.

    Lord Sedgers, when in the pipeband we were always drilled to keep our eyes forward and simply step over any bodies fallen in our path.
    Close your eyes if you see Christine marching towards you.. :P

  15. I think Christine Nixon is great. I've seen her speak at public events before (non-policey stuff), and she has her audience captivated. I also like a woman who speaks her mind...

  16. Something I would like to see and haven't Brian, is snow on the beach.

    Victor, we already had our suspicions about him, and his wife for that matter. They are well matched if you know what I mean.

    Well, the breeze wasn't that strong Jayne. Someone must have been doing some kilt upskirting.

    She will be missed Deb. I like the way she can speak eloquently like a politician and yet sound sincere and honest.

  17. Anonymous6:37 pm

    I was at parliament. Expect a blog post about it shortly (once I manage to eat dinner).

    And I'd like to ask everyone to seriously consider a meet-up. Andrew has given me a negative in email discussions, but I'm still interested.

    And if we do meet-up, Brian should come down to Oz.