Monday, February 02, 2009

Route 3A

There have been changes to our tram route 3 to East Malvern. Weekends, it now travels via Carlisle Street, Upper Esplanade and Fitzroy Street to rejoin its normal route at St Kilda Junction. There are losers and winners.

The intention is to assist route 16 with weekend loading. That the 16 with a twelve minute service barely copes with weekend loading is well known. It struggles with its Sunday 15 minute service before 10am, and with 30 minute service on Sunday night. Saturday is not so bad normally, but any event in St Kilda will see very heavy loading.

Ideally, there should be enough trams and staff to just increase the 16 service interval on Sunday but no one wants to pay for that. So it is good thinking to utilise the 3 to assist.

Unfortunately it means around ten minutes trip time added to those who want to use the 3 to get to Carlisle St or further afield. You might beat this by some tram hopping. Worse, it leaves only the 67 Carnegie tram to service quite a busy stretch of St Kilda Road, that is between St Kilda Junction and Carlisle Street.

As per the Metlink website, the previously existing 15 minute Sunday service interval for the 67 tram is still the same. That mean a long wait for people on this stretch who were used to a tram every 7.5 mintutes. Once the changes are well known, there will be lot of extra walking and tram hopping.

Another alteration is the route 79 tram will no longer go to St Kilda Saturday afternoons or Sundays until the evening. It will operate as a route 78 to Brighton Road. I expect this is to elimenate delays to through trams at St Kilda while also help with late running of the 79 on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

It is a pity that the 16 tram service can't be just improved to help with loading, but in my opinion, it is not a bad work around.

While it hasn't appeared on destinations yet, and after the disastrously incompetent last reprogramming, fingers crossed, the new weekend route 3 will be route 3A.

There is also chatter about a redevelopment of the area at the intersection of Acland and Carlisle Streets where trams intersect and the route 79 terminates.

Even more chatter about increasing the route 96 service on weekends by doubling the service with the slotted in trams travelling only to the city and not to, as they usually do, East Brunswick. We won't see that. No spare trams and no spare staff and no money for either.


  1. Our trams just go there and back intersections, no bloody trams half the seems a lot easier somehow.

  2. False promises trying to give the public some hope services will be increased...sad when you know the truth.

  3. Except Brian, they may not go to the end of the line when you want them to.

    All sad Cazzie.

  4. Ahhh, I wondered what the waffling ad in the paper the other day was all about - was like gobbledegook to me ;)

  5. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Kosky's finest effort to date.

  6. Why not have a single tram running a shuttle from St Kilda Junction to Luna Park? That way any tram getting to the junction could connect with this one. The distance is very short, so only one tram would be required and nobody on St Kilda Rd between stop 31 and 35 is inconvenienced. No OPRs, no messy diversions and the 16s load is balanced out over multiple trams instead. How is this not genius?

  7. Like she would know anything about trams Reuben?

    Can't see it working Rob. Junction to St Kilda and back would be twenty five minutes with some recovery time. Of course there would be a gap in the service and a full tram load of people dumped at the Junction and slow loading of normal service cars.

    If there was a storage facility for a tram at St Kilda, the tram needs to slot in between the existing service and continue to the city.

  8. Hey rob,

    how about running the 79 through to st kilda junction? Put on an extra couple of trams for kicks and giggles, I am sure the chappel st drivers wouldn't mind the extra trip!


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