Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quickie on childhood linguistics

From The Age Online.

"CBF", for example, is short for "can't be bothered", "LOL" is "laugh out loud", and its more energetic cousin, ROFL, means "roll on the floor laughing".

I get ROFL and LOL, but how do you get 'can't be bothered' from CBF. It is not a Declanism is it LS? A mistype?

Ah, I've got tit. Can't Be Fagged. They just don't want to offend us.


  1. Andrew,

    " do you get 'can't be bothered' from CBF?"

    IFIIK (I'm 'Bothered' if I know.)

  2. NFI, DrewAn
    Not an iota! :P

  3. When it comes to all these hip, new acronyms, why doesn't someone just state the obvious... WGAS (who gives a shit)?

  4. DILLIGAF is my personal fav (Does It Look Like I Give A Fraggle)

  5. Anonymous10:21 am

    I am very confident the F in CBF is not "fagged", you're being polite too - albeit less so than the Age.

  6. IMHO 'WTF?' is useful, IRL, LOL Cats make my day (MMD?), I like 'NFI', but don't like ROFLMAO ... and have yet to embrace texting via a phone - far too hard selecting the one letter out of the 3-per key.
    I can however, text from this laptop with it's NextG ISP stick, which has it's own 0400 mobile number, and the keyboard laughs at the character-limit, so I am never SLADTIASS.

    (stuck like a disabled Treen in a space ship)


    (mwah mwah)

  7. They left out the best, figjam.

    Fcuk I'm good, just ask me.

  8. Bothered Brian? You have similar problems there.

    Jayne, you are making it worse.

    Rob, could be a double F at the end, a flying fraggle.

    I will scratch my head over the word a little longer then Ian.

    Ann, the keyboard might laugh at the character limits, but your isp won't and will charge for however many separate sms it takes to send.

    Ruly scik Jahteh.

  9. Mutant, what is this bad language when every one is being so polite.

  10. personally, i like to be brutally honest when using these

    if i truly CBF then i won't type anything. because i can't be fucked

    i rarely LOL, usually more LQTM - laughing quietly to myself

  11. "Can't Be Fagged."

    AIH (as it happens) my mother CBF (Could be Fagged) on account of my late stepfather having the surname Fagg.

    (But I don't want to think about it.)

  12. Kiki, I like STM, sniggering to myself.

    Oh dear LS, that is just too close.