Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Plan

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo spent the weekend in Geelong where they have one residence. The plan was for Sister and the Bone Doctor to part. Sister goes back to Murrumbeena and Bone Doctor goes back to a large hospital in central Victoria. They could not bear to say goodbye, so Sister is in large central Victorian town. Ain't love pathetic. Sister will come home by train on Wednesday.

Now I must take the train to Murrumbeena to feed their cat. Lucky that there are some old sign pics to take in the locale. Then onto Brunswick Street for a haircut and, yes, more old signs there.

Into QV for some shopping and I just recently realised my mobile is out of contract, so I will be looking for a new phone. Excitement!


  1. Feed their cat to what?

  2. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Bogota, Brian.

  3. My excitement at getting a new mobile always wanes quickly as I realise all the new habits I have to learn, the old habits I have to try to forget and the data that doesn't transfer from old phone to new and is instantly lost.

  4. Almost worked as humour Brian.

    Reuben should have never heard of Bogota. Way too young.

    I may be weird Victor, but I enjoy the challenge.

  5. Ahh, the signs, the portents, the OMENS!!!!