Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Party

I should have followed my own instincts, instead I trusted someone else. No good can ever come from that.

We are the perfect party guests who always take something to a party, even if the person giving the party assures us not to bring anything and everything will be provided. We took a bunch of orchids as a gift and the brother friends took a bottle of wine. What we should have done was taken our own drinks.

The tram almost delivered us to the door of the apartment building and as we alighted, we did not realise people were watching our arrival from the 36th floor of the builiding. The apartment building was nothing too flash and I prefer our own. Ok, we don't have a large fountain in the foyer, but ours is a little more stylish in a very restrained manner. The lift transported us to the 36th floor at only a slightly faster speed than our lift at home, although somewhat more smoothly, even if it did have noisy fans.
As the lift door opened, we were hit with a wall of hot air and a door to the rubbish chute room. Nice! There was a large window facing north, so we had a quick look.

The 3 bedroom apartment was quite nice, very clean modern lines, with four metre high ceilings. The decor was modern and tasteful and certainly not from Ikea or Freedom.

After the friend, I will call him Tony, because that is his name, showed us around and told us we weren't guests at his party, but old friends, he pointed us towards the food. Catering is his game, and believe me, the food was excellent. Bugger the food, I neet a social lubricant. Punch in a large bowl. After slinging two of those down, I was waiting to turn into the life of the party, but it wasn't happening. If the was any alcohol in the punch, in must have floated to the top and someone else grabbed it.

Ok, started eating and the food was really was good. Had another punch. I am starting to get bored. I want to leave. I'll have a beer. Luke warm and sat unpleasantly on top of the punch and food. The bottles of wine seemed to be owned by other guests and I did not like to ask.

Why oh why didn't we bring our own wine? I asked R what time we could decently leave. We arrived just before eight, so ten thirty? I was tired too as I had started work at before six that morning.

The air con wasn't on and I was tempted to go to the control panel and turn it on. Instead I a spent a good bit of time on the full length balcony in the cool breeze. It must have been twenty metres long, with lit tea lights along its length. The view was excellent, right over the city with the Exhibition Building to one side and Cocklands (note to self, fix that typo before publish) to the other. A view of our building was blocked out by the Arts Centre Spire.

So Tony, how is business, I asked, full well knowing he paid 1.7 million for this apartment, with two car spaces and a third large storage area. Business is fine, he replied. The logistics of catering for weddings or DFAT events of a thousand people is beyond my understanding.

His son, the solictor, is entering into his father's business. His son bought an apartment in the building next door off the plan, held it for a couple of years then sold it for a profit and moved in with dad. Dad pointed out to son that he had to be tolerant of his gay friends.

The fellow guests were mostly Asian guys and R and I fell in love with one who was not only very cute, but more importantly, looked after the tea light candle lighting, the punch, the food, the dishes, the music, in fact everything with great efficiency and speed. Slow down lovey, you are making me tired.

Of course there was a large tv, sixty inches of it. It was showing a Foxtel show I think, called Party Max. I parked myself on a comfortable corner of a couch near the door where a breeze was coming in and I quite enjoyed watching old video clips. Others came and joined me until I was squashed into a corner and more and more people were arriving for the party and the tv volume went up and it follows that the talk volume went up. I wanna go home.

At 10.40, I started rounding our group up. We said our goodbyes, and Tony was very dissapointed that we weren't staying as his son was due home any minute and son would like to see us all. Bad luck. We're outa here. We'll be in touch.

It was actually quite chilly waiting for the tram home. The first time I had felt cold for a week. Now, eight tram routes divided by a twenty minute service on each route should mean a tram quite quickly. Not so, a good ten minute wait and then of course three arrived together.

It is not all a whinging post though. The ever considerate R made sure that Scotch was on the shopping list that day. Ok, we feel a bit ratty today, but we sorely needed it last night.

I cast my mind my back to Dame M parties, where she would carefully monitor peoples drinks and make sure they always had at least half a glass of the drink of their choice. Andrew, you must be sick of wine, there is some Scotch in the cupboard.


  1. Apologies for the formatting. It was written offline.

  2. That sounds like quite an excellent party.

  3. Fixed up the formatting. Reuben, it was boring as batshit.

  4. I could pass out at the expense of the apartment,!
    Im glad you made it home in good time.
    I see you miss Dame M alot, you mention her alot, I think her wonderful ways kind of made big impressions on you. It is all good, it is nice to have someone you think of often after they are gone.. I have 2 people I think of like that too.

  5. It was pretty nice Cazzie. Dame M was the centre of many peoples lives, so we are struggling a bit. Is your bloody air con fixed?

  6. I must be very old...I find all parties as boring as batshit these days. Take a tip from me, Andrew, always wear a discreet belt of hip-flasks full of whisky to parties. It works for me.

  7. Often been tempted to buy a flask Brian. Better that I just don't go.

  8. ... and don't tell me that you left the party without being given the traditional lolly bag.

    Oh dear, how unDame M.

  9. Anonymous5:22 pm

    They don't make ladies like they used to, do they? Dame M was so deserving of her title.

  10. She's spoilt you for every other party after setting the bar so high ;)

  11. Lolly bag LS?

    Indeed they don't MD.

    Haha Jayne. Dame M never actually did anything for a party or any work, she just made sure other people did.

  12. Right, our "bloody air con" is not yet fixed. The power company have been very good and have called us back twice with the plan. They are sending out paper work and once we provide them with appropriate papers they shall be replacing our new with the new..haha, sounds weird. I just hope it all happens before the next onslaught of hot weather.

  13. Gee Cazzie, just the power going off can do so much damage.