Thursday, February 05, 2009

Old Drivers

We hear of these things happening with painful regularity. Here are a few I collected in a short time. There was another one last week but I could not find a story online. If you know of an elderly incompetent driver, then report them. Get 'em off the roads and perhaps save a few lives.

Investigators believe the 77-year-old driver's foot slipped on the accelerator of his station wagon as he turned into a driveway at Hampton East about 2.15pm today.

Children on holiday narrowly escaped being mown down when an out-of-control car smashed into a Sydney convenience store, killing a passenger. The 71-year-old male driver suffered fractures to his ribs, knee and pelvis and a dislocated hip after

AN elderly man is dead after his wife reversed their car into him in Melbourne.The victim, aged in his 80s, was killed in the driveway of their home in Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick.


  1. Vic Roads (at least up till a couple of years ago) won't cancel the driver's license or take any action.
    Family members would probably have to approach the family solicitor to sign and activate medical and/or financial power of attorney to sell the car and take steps to cancel the license on behalf of the driver.
    A lot of bother but only a bit if you want your loved one off the road and everyone kept safe.

  2. Those few examples barely scratch the surface, as you obviously know.

    Last year some ole Mavis took out the front of our local cake shop on account of having a senior's moment somewhere between the brake and the accelerator.

    Luckily it only mean a halt in the flow of Vanilla Slices for a few hours and not a flow of blood in the streets.

    I did my bit for the safety of both pedestrians and motorists when I didn't renew my licence when I reached the advanced age of 23.

  3. In Blighty old people have to resit their tests at 70 (or 65 or something...they have to retake the whole lot anyway, which makes sense).

  4. Jayne, I understand that if a person is reported and they are over a certain age, then they may be required to sit a driving test and supply evidence from their doctor that they are physically able......but I could be wrong. They may then go on a restricted licence, eg no night driving and only local trips.

    LS, your Mavis suffers from the common old age affliction of forgetting which pedal is which.

    I am not sure about compulsory Brian. You have to take into account a very high car ownership level here and they are many competent drivers over the age of eighty, such as my late step father was.