Friday, February 20, 2009

Nonsense from UK Trains

Railway news from England. It has always amused me in American movies where a long lingering goodbye kiss was tolerated by the Greyhound bus driver. Once the woman had finally boarded the bus after the lingering kiss and a long and meaningful conversation, the door would shut and off the bus would go.

It is not how public transport works in Melbourne. The tram/train/bus door will be shut in your face if you take the time for a kiss or to try to have your final drag on your ciggie. And so it should be.

I suppose delaying trains was the reason that Warrington Bank Quay Station in England introduced kissing and non kissing zones.

Is this how privatisation of train systems and competition between different train operators works?

Meanwhile at High Wycombe a good old parting pash is welcomed.

Warrington Bank Station is on a train line run by Virgin. Hands up who likes Richard Branson? Ok, none. Hands up for someone who shakes things up? Branson has.

High Wycombe, 'seems' to be run by a more local company known as Chiltern Railways. But wait, no, it is run by Deutsche Bahn AG. We all know about Deutsche Bank. Is it in liquidation yet?


  1. You have that right Andrew, door shut in your face, or shut on your leg, or arm, or even your hip! Seen enough damage done to little old ladies trying to get on, or even off trams and buses. A couple of minutes more grace and they would not have ended up in hospital having a hip operation that sets them back months..let alone years depending on their age.
    I do love the old movie scenes when the couple pash before parting...where are those tissues? (sniff, sniff).

  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Oh lord your public transportational wonder glows!!!

  3. "We all know about Deutsche Bank."

    I don't.

  4. Sadly Cazzie, older people are their own worst enemies. People I vaguely know boarded a packed tram, a couple with their elderly mother. She fell, blame was put upon the tram driver, the daughter making a huge scene. And old people don't have to get on the front squashy door of trams where there are minimal hand rails. Nor do they have to make it to the favourite seat, come hail or shine. But I do appreciate the point. I have seen an old person go from well functioning who broke her hip and pretty well died as a result.

    As Anne O'Dyne would spell Brian, guugle is your friend.