Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Midsumma, the not so good

It happened at Carnival, the opening of Midsumma and it happened at Pride March, the closing event of Midsumma. I would like to think that most thinking gay and lesbians who take any notice of what happens in the Middle East would be as torn in the head as I am about the whole business.

But no, some took it upon themselves to harass the Aleph (gay and lesbian Jewish org) stand at carnival, and some took it upon themselves to harass the Young Aleph, along with Aleph at Pride March.

Not the time nor the place and besides, who knows what they think as individuals.

Just not cricket, what!


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Over Zionism no doubt...I seriously think that harassing people over their political standpoint is completely and utterly futile - and immature. Especially if it's at an event that's meant to bring people together and is unrelated to the political item of controversy.

  2. "I seriously think that harassing people over their political standpoint is completely and utterly futile..."

    Especially politicians, Reuben?

  3. Perhaps the gay Italian group should be hassled for their support of the Nazis in WW2.
    Or maybe gay Turkish groups should be run out of town due to their opposition during WW1.
    How about all straight people get banned from attending as "it's not their march" (as an organiser once ranted at me lol )?
    Next we'll have the dykes banning the male-to-female TG's...oh, wait, they already did that a few years ago at another female-only get together!
    Isn't there a chant of keeping politics out of the bedroom?
    Seems it's been ignored by some who'd like to be exclusive whilst never being excluded.

  4. Anonymous10:48 am

    No...they're OK. But it depends on the context, Brian. If I saw Lynne Kosky at the march, I wouldn't attack her on public transport (rather, I'd strike up a dashing conversation about gob-stoppers).

  5. Well fielded Brian. Reuben, it is not just politics though is it? Bit of a hard point. I agree if Kosky was marching, she ought not be attacked over pt, but if it was say that federal female minister who's name slips my mind, who made three very questionable appointments to the men's health group, then I would say she is fair game because of hypocrisy.

    Jayne, being exclusive and never being excluded sounds like a fine ambition to me :-P

  6. I reckon if Kosky was actually marching, I'd be grumbling to myself about political PR consultants being involved.