Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marysville Remembered

So what was Marysville like before it was almost totally burnt to the ground? The Herald Sun has combined some readers' photos into a slide show. Note the non native deciduous trees. I expect they won't regenerate, unlike Australian native trees that are a bit used to fire.

This link should work.

If it doesn't, go find it yourself at the Herald Sun.


  1. Looked like a nice place...even if the statue of the unicorn was unbelievably naff.

  2. Yeah well Brian, there was an attempt at an English feel to the place. I guess that is why the unicorn is there.

  3. It's not English enough, Andrew. If it had been an English statue it would have had the horn snapped off and the word 'Bollox' sprayed on its backside by now.

  4. I did not even realise it was a unicorn and it is surprisingly intact. We have a statue nearby of a discus thrower in action. Every evening the discus is removed by park staff and replaced the next morning. Obviously it used to get souvenired.

  5. Anonymous10:11 pm

    I live near a statue of a hammer thrower (near the floral clock). The hammer used to go missing quite regularly; they've stopped bothering to replace it now.

  6. That is the one Anon. Hammer not discus then. Council or park staff take it away late afternoon and put it back in the morning. But I haven't actually checked lately.