Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letter Box Women

Ok, this is getting boringly repetitive. Why do some Muslim women have to hide their faces and just have slits in their head garb to see?

I have read and heard of various reasons. Modesty. Cultural. Not exciting men. I have even heard that it empowers them. Perhaps disconnecting them from the basic male sexual desire.

So, you tell me why a letter box Muslim women would paint her toe nails in a bright colour with flecks of sparkle and wear bright gold sandals visible to all and sundry?

If I don't hear a satisfactory explanation, I just give up.


  1. coz they can, end of!

  2. What I want to know is, why do women not walk about with their breasts out? I mean, there are certain parts of Africa where the women don't care. They've got 'em hanging lose and on public display and nobody gives a stuff. It seems anti-social to me for so called 'civilised' women to cover their boobs up...just the odd letterbox of cleavage here and there. Freedom of choice and cultural identity? Bollocks to that. It should be the law to force these women to get 'em out for the lads!

  3. Always made me laugh when I saw them at the local TAFE, enrolling in "Fashion studies".

  4. The world is full of mysteries to me Fenz.

    C'mon Brian. No one hangs them out in public more than English women. Showing cleavage is taken to the extreme in day to day life, regardless of the weather.

    Interesting one Raelene. Perhaps it is like the plumber always has a dripping bathroom tap.

  5. The shiny sparkley toes and bright sandles would perhaps deflect eyes away from her head-gear and down to her feet... thus empowering her more because she is making people look down.. gah, what am I saying? I have just finished my last night shift of three... time for bed for me as the world wakes up and goes to work.

  6. Anonymous10:23 am

    Brian's treading a fine line there...

    I think you'll find, culturally, nudity will become more and more accepted. The main obstruction to this, of course, is Christian Fuckwits like Fred Nile who doesn't want nudity on beaches (presumably because 1/3 of the bible is devoted to explaining about sun cancer risks).

  7. Interesting theory Cazzie. Hope you had a good long sleep.

    I can see the point Brian is making Reuben, but not sure it comes across that well.

  8. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Maybe her pedicure hadn't dried yet? I know that I don't put proper shoes on for a good 6 hours after I get my toes done.

  9. Ah, I suddenly feel weary MD.