Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sniffer Dogs

A lass way out west in Perth, the capital of West Australia, was lined up to get into a Big Day Out music festival event. She had popped an eckie, but noticed police with sniffer dogs approaching. In some panic, she popped the remain two tabs and died.

What a great effort by the West Australian police. A pretty kid, just starting an apprenticeship has a couple of eckie tabs on her and they spook her into swallowing them all at once.

And the port they came through to get into Australia or where they were made?

The financier of drug production?

The chemical company?

The dealer?

You may very well wish that your kids don't take stuff like that and nor do I want them to, but there is a pretty good chance that they will at some point. Is this how you want police to police drugs use and deal with your sons and daughters?

Well done WA police and finely sympathetic follow up comments by WA Premier Colin Barnett who quotes that old bag of bones with skin stretched over it, Nancy Reagan, 'Just say no'.


  1. Please look at my friend Stace's blog, she says exactly what I think about this.
    Drugs will KILL YOU and that's what I tell my kids..end of the line. I cannot do any more than that.
    Oh her link is..

    Sorry I don't know how to hyprelink in comments :(

  2. I think the attitude to drugs in this country is all wrong. We need to focus more on harm prevention than just telling kids to Say No. You're right, kids are curious and most kids will take some during their lives, whether it be marijuana, ecstasy, coke or something even more sinister.

    They must have been some pretty dodgy pills however. Poor lass.

  3. I can't agree with her Cazzie. Of course the lass was stupid and I have been in my youth too. Some get away with it and a few don't. It seems containing damage and policing directed towards where the drugs come from are preferable.

    Fenz, it works when people od on heroin or other drugs. Police are not called if it is just a straight drug od or bad reaction and many lives have been saved by people knowing that calling an ambo will not result in police turning up too. Mind you, there are some you might wish did not survive.

  4. I was at a big dance party years ago, back in my hey day!! There was a girl in the toilets throwing up so violently I became immediately concerned. I knocked on her door and asked if she was ok and where her friends were. She told me that they'd got bored and went back to dance. I got the girl some water and sat with her for a while. At that same event a girl died because her friends took her home, tucked her into bed and went back to the party :(
    (I don't think it was the girl i met).
    You're right, people WON'T call an ambulance coz they think they'll get into trouble. I'm sure there have been a few deaths because of this and because friends don't look after each other. I was lucky, I had amazing friends and only good experiences.

  5. Anonymous6:20 pm

    People who don't call an ambulance are absolute retards. Effectively, they have someone else's life in their hands.

  6. Fuck that dumb bitch.

    Not literally, cos she's dead.

  7. Friends to look after you Fenz are valuable, and return the favour.

    Well yes Reuben. You have to keep in mind though that even friends looking after them are not exactly unaffected usually. There needs to be an instilled no fear to call.

    Reckon you would have been doing pretty well if you got your end in with her alive Andy. No one is really harmed by a bit of necro really anyway.

  8. Sad. Inevitable.

    Old heads on young shoulders rarely, if ever, happens.

    A sad observation.

    A far too frequent observation.

    The roll call of my deceased peers is long.

    All sorts of risk taking accounts for most on that list.

  9. Astonishing that you survived so many LS, I'm sure.

  10. Yeah well, when you get to my age 'taint hard to have outlived a lot of one's peers.

    Most of my departed peers departed as a result of the combination of speed (the lead footed variety) and booze.

  11. How disappointing LS. I thought they might have gone in tune in, drop out Abbie sort of manner.

  12. I took coke once in my youth. I was young, curious and foolish and influenced by peer group pressure. Never again though! Nowadays I stick with dandelion and burdock.

  13. Nope ... it was much more pedestrian than that. (Well 'motorestrain' to be more accurate)

    Well, we were at heart all country bumpkin lads, so that would have been the characteristic way to *go*. (That or being shot by a short sighted mate when out spotlighting rabbits.)

  14. Agree totally with Cazzie's friend's blog. The WA Police were not at the event to spook partygoers into swallowing pills (AFAIK they didn't make her swallow them) they were primarily there to target dealers and apparently caught quite a few of them. I think it is wrong to put the guilt over a foolish girl who knew she was doing the wrong thing, onto the police for just trying to enforce the law. And the police made it known in advance that they would be at this event for that purpose. Can you imagine if the dealers that were caught managed to sell drugs and it ended up killing people, everyone would be screaming why aren't the police doing their job. They can't win.

  15. Just checking Brian, you don't mean the black stuff they dig out of the ground?

    LS, the bush can be a very dangerous place for young men.

    Hi Andrew. Agree, the police are in a no win situation, but there is plenty of evidence around to indicate that the use of sniffer dogs is ineffective.

  16. what a tragic outcome for a foolish mistake by a young girl

    If only she'd just chucked them away.

  17. Hi Ozfemme. Yes, as so many do. The dog will still smell it on her person, but evidence has gone. Perhaps the cops need to educate a bit in so far as someone caught with a couple of tabs is not going to get twenty years gaol.