Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Celebs

Famous bearded resident was on tele a couple of nights ago, talking about his battle with the demon drink. Some quite old file footage was used as the old landing carpets could be seen briefly. We were out, but we recorded the segment.

Given the botheration last time a film crew were in the building for a couple of hours to produce a few seconds of him talking with an area of the building in the shot, I am not surprised that they are fond of using file footage.

Naturally no one in the building will have seen the latest story on tv and no one will say, 'hey, I saw you on the tele the other night'. Even he can be almost anonymous in a large building.

As for me, I will probably just briefly discuss his large, black American car with him should I encounter him, as I normally do. Although, the last time I saw him was Monday post bush fires when he was going to work, and I told him that I did not envy his job that day.

Famous non bearded resident with model girlfriend has not been seen by me for some time. Wonder if he still lives here? Course he must. His car is in the car park at least.


  1. "Famous bearded resident was on tele a couple of nights ago, talking about his battle with the demon drink."

    That'd be Sedgwick then.

  2. No Brian. One person has stopped drinking.

  3. Again Andrew, such a shame I hadn't come across your blog when loud irish friends lived in your building. Could have had much fun knocking on doors trying to track you down...

  4. It's easy to come by Andrew, MD. Just position yourself at any major street festival and be on the look out for a really old man who's slowly growing bald. :)

    For Brian, just position yourself next to a Butty shop.

    As for myself...just look for a transport minister.

  5. Studious reading of blog would piece together which apartment I live in for anyone familiar with the building MD. Probably said it before, but I think I can recall those lasses. Yes, they were loud. Here for one year lease?

    Most kind Reuben. :-P

  6. He sure has been doing great work. I worry that everyone is coming apart at the seams you know..with the bush fires and all. There have been some great counselling and support for colleagues at work. I am hoping everyone is able to debrief.
    Today I skipped down to Spotligh and grabbed a few of those yellow ribbons for the kids. I donated, I did not have to, as I already have at work, and hubby has too, and well, the kids have fund raised at school. I just felt compelled to throw some dosh in the jar that was there. Why? Because a lady just grabbed about 20 of them abd walked out. Maybe I underestimate her, she may well have contributed in other ways already.

  7. I don't listen Caz, but I would reckon he would have done well. Nah Caz. If she does that, she will do it elsewhere. She would be among the very small percentage who do wrong.

  8. I play at the same Bridge club as the mother of perhaps Australia's most famous film actor (gender neutral usage). Said actor is a fixture in celebrity type magazines.

    Noone ever discusses the actor with her although I imagine most of us are dying to know all the inside gossip.

  9. Most strange...
    Funny that MD now knows where you live because she had friends that lived there, because I also know where you live because my cousin used to live there. That's less than 6 degrees of separation!

  10. Really Deb? It is indeed less than six degrees. But lucky there is over three hundred plus people living here.

  11. Victor, I wish I could feign disinterest, but of course I would love to know.