Friday, February 06, 2009


Just a few phone pics as I was walking. I have never in my life seen anything like it. It has taken a few days for the full impact of last weeks heat on so many plants to become evident. I have seen our deciduous trees shed leaves in hot and dry weather, but never to the extent of seeming to turn our streets into autumn scenes. This old London Plane outside Malvern Town Hall tree is suffering. It is one among thousands.
I have seen ivy burnt before, but never to this extent and this lot was shaded by a large tree.

Tough old agapanthus, fried, baked, cooked, whatever you like. Poor Aggie.

This is just not the type of plant that burns easily.

Another toughie, and it only gets morning sun.


  1. I was just thinking yesterday - as I waded through the hip-deep dead leaves - how autumnal it is and how little shade we'll have for the remainder of Summer.

  2. Agreed - the plane trees in the city are all shedding and the agapanthus which grows like weeds in my back yard have also burnt off. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous4:03 pm

    I think I'll attach a shade cloth from fence to fence. In the garden, I have been tenderly cultivating a birds nest fern with careful bucket watering etc. It looks like someone took to it with a blow torch now.
    Saw stacks of burnt ivy yesterday and god help the azaleas.

  4. Sorry chaps and chapesses, let's try again.

    Looks like you've been lurking around, and taking pics, in our neck of the dessicated woods.

    Our aggies are temporarily knackered. (Not even going to mention the Pol Potted hide-a-rangers.)

    Weren't we seriously silly colonial buggers to have deferred to the Poms - no offence Broyan - and planted gutless imperial plants.

    On my morning walks with #1 daughter and doubter we have noticed the survivors are (surprise, 'k'n' surprise) Orstrayan natives.

    Especially those concrete ones brandishing boomerangs.

    Indeed LiD, as Gough said, "God save the azaleas, for nothing will save the rhododendrons!"

  5. Expect the heat knocked your garden around Jayne.

    Hi Loz. Just one day of heat. We are used to that in the past. Our plants are too.

    Funny LiD. I was thinking of slipping blow torch in to the post. That is what it looks like. Azaleas must be cactus.

    If you said nothing LS, I would just delete the old one and no one would be the wiser. Can't say I have seen a burnt gumtree for sure. Some Imperial plants seem to do ok too. Write the hydies off for the year for sure. Rhodies are beautiful and I don't care that they are so eighties.

  6. Driving through Newmarket yesterday to work I could not believe the amount of leaves flying theough the air, people kicking them about like it is Autumn. It is so weird..even non desiduous trees are having this effect.

  7. "Weren't we seriously silly colonial buggers to have deferred to the Poms - no offence Broyan - and planted gutless imperial plants."

    If I should die think only this of me, that in some corner of a distant land there will forever be a shrivelled up bit of England.

  8. my backyard is FULL of leaves from the stupid trees that line it. I think I'm going to lose a few plants from my garden. Well I already lost a lavendar bush, it died within 5 days of the heat, no amount of water from the shower/washing machine could revive it :(

  9. Yep Cazzie, they are piled up in places.

    No comment Brian. (I keep making a typo, Brain)

    Lavendar is so tough Fenz. I have seen some really old ones that survive with minimal water. But I recall losing one once too.

  10. Anonymous9:28 am

    If a may reply Andrew to the Lord amongst us...
    You are funny, Lord Sedgewick. Gough said exactly that after doing a bit of pruning at Kerr's place.

  11. Been thinking of the shadecloth idea here, too, LiD. Anything to save the ferns!
    Yep, the vegie patch is full of roasted vegie, Andrew. Giving up on most of 'em till April.

    Lord Sedgers, Ted Bullpit's concrete Nev is flourishing in a back garden in Ballarat :P

  12. He will get a big head LiD. Use praise sparingly.

    A lost and found Nev, Jayne. Must be worth a para.


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