Monday, February 16, 2009

Bonus Edition. Recommended Reading by Two

A good chuckle and something serious.

I have done this. Maybe an electric toothbrush. Maybe a portable radio. In this case it is a USB stick. The lad could have an acting career or at least appear as an eloquent spokesperson in the media. His timing approaches the level of being very good. Check out Daniel's reading of instructions.

SOMEONE is responsible for Pants turning off her comments. Victory to him and frustrating for me because I want to argue and discuss, or at least have a go.

Pants is a returnee to Australia from England and wisely decided Victoria is the place for her. Not sure that she is happy to be living here and not in London, but hey, shite happens.

While I so much want to argue with her about some aspects of what she wrote, you can't fault Pants on her grammar or spelling. Flatteringly, I will say she is product of 1970s Australian schools. What Pants has to say on the bush fires is well worth a read.


  1. Anonymous3:54 am

    Thanks for steering me in the direction of Pants.. it was well worth the read Andrew.

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  3. Bloody well written.
    Frustrating no comments.

  4. I reckon it was a good read Cazzie. Maybe you would disagree with some points?

    Sorry Brian. No mention of names.You ain't getting out of the mess scot free.

    Dispassionate is a good word Jayne.

    No flirting with Jayney LS.