Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's in a name?

Rather a lot, it would seem, and I feel foolish.

"How is your nephew in Glasgow going?" I was asked by a friend.

"Fine. He has just put some photos up on his Facebook site of Loch Lomond after his visit there. He is living in the druggie area of Paisley"

R chipped in, "What?"

"Photos of Loch LoMOND".


Now I may well have in the past gone for a bit of Roamin' in the Gloamin', but I never connected that Loch LoMOND was Loch LOman.

If the bloody Scots, yes you Jackie, would pronounce the D, I might have worked it out.


  1. I've always pronounced the 'D'. Then again I'm a sassanach. Singing: "On tha bonnhi bonnhi barnks off Lach Lohmon..."

  2. Oops, yes I'll have to be dropping the d in all future verbal references too. Thanks for the tip. I hate getting on the wrong side of any Celt.

  3. I have never heard the D in the name Brian.

    Very wise Lad.

  4. Reminds me of when I was travelling to England to visit my cousin (at the tender age of 14), and a nice old English lady befriended me on the plane: "Where are you staying in England Dear Girl"? She asked. "BERK-shire" I replied. (scoff scoff)"Dear Girl, that would be BARK-sheer"..
    Also, I didn't know about the Scottish place, all I know is that my ex used to call the Lomond Hotel in East Brunswick the "La Monde"

  5. I think, only think, I would have pronounced Berkshire correctly. But at the age of 14, perhaps not.

    So is the Brunny hotel pronounced Loman Hotel?


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