Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What could be more Australian?

What could be more Australian than ending up hot, sticky, salty, sweaty and tired on Australia Day? I took precautions and did not end up burnt.

Last week I mentioned to Sister that I was not working on Australia Day and should we take Mother out?

Sister ran with the idea and insisted we should. I was hoping she would be doubtful. When I next spoke to Mother and asked her where she would like to go, with some trepidation she suggested Mornington Beach. Is that too far? Bloody oath it is, I should have said. That makes nearly four hours of driving for me.

R correctly guessed we would not be home before 8pm and he was right. Mother had managed to find her beach umbrella, but not beach chairs. Is that why my back is aching today? Either sitting on sand for an extended period or sitting driving for an extended period.

I had already mapped out the circuitous route and found my way to Mornington. No one mentioned that there was an Australia Day parade in Mornington earlier and a vintage hot rod car display. Mornington was so busy. The perve factor was 10/10 though. There was no where that we liked the look of to eat at, so at Mother's suggestion we had Subway. Quite nice really.

The main beach was packed with no car spaces, as was the one slightly north. We headed south and ended up at a lovely beach, Mount Martha South Beach. We spent a couple of hours on the beach and it was quite nice under the umbrella. Perve factor 9/10.
Returning to take Mother home, we went via Cranbourne and happened across take away food place that my Sis in Law manages.

She wasn't there but twenty year old neice was and gave us roast meat sandwiches for half price.

We gulped the food down back at Mother's, and rushed off home and I was very quickly showered and in bed for a 4am rise.

I like living near the sea. I like going to the beach for a walk or a cup of coffee. I like looking at the sea and its moods. But I am truly well past sitting on a beach, covered in sunscreen, wearing a hat that makes my head hot, getting sand where it ought not be, including in the car.

Mornington is very nice though. I checked it out before hand with a vague idea that I might get to do something I wanted to do. Alas, the steam train was not running for me to see it shunt and depart and there was a general lack of enthusiasm to visit the local historical org's venue at the old post office.

I will revisit to do what I want to do, when this insane heat has passed.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the places sand ought not be, ie: your car. For a moment there my mind almost went a-wanderin'

  2. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Perve factors are always elevated during the summer months; it's the only thing that stops me from killing myself from all this insufferable heat.

  3. What could be more Australian? Skippy being barbequed next to a billabong, perhaps?

  4. It got in my shoes too Mutant. I remained fully dressed in Melbourne black except for taking my shoes and socks off for a paddle.

    And that does not dissipate as you age Reuben, although the actually following up does.

    Only by a jolly jumbuck holding the barbecue fork Brian.

  5. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I'm no good at approaching randoms, Andrew. My shyness dominates.

  6. If you're ever back down that way, Flinders beach is quite nice to sit upon and gaze at the passing parade ;)

  7. As a child I did the usual Aussie thing and spent 8 hours most Saturdays and Sundays at the beach. I seemed never able to get enough of it.

    Now, I can't bear to sunbathe on a beach any more.

    I don't envy your heatwave conditions at the moment.

  8. I composed a really rude response last night Reuben, but fortunately saved it and deleted it this morning. You come across well on the newspaper tv.

    Know all those areas well Jayne. Holiday locations of my childhood. I heard Mornington beach was closed by the EPA today. Lucky we could not get a park space.

    Same here Victor. I can't imagine sunbaking anywhere now, let alone on sand.